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Now or Never's CD Diary - Met new counsellor, starting tomorrow yeyyy!!


I am waiting for doctors forms to be signed but they told me it could take upto 2 weeks so im waiting to hear back but I know that I could do a lot of damage eating like I do at the moment in 2 weeks so I have decided to start cutting back on the carbs and chocolate/sweeties and hopefully it will make my restart a bit easier.

I havnt done CD for about a year. I have 9 stone to lose (lost 3 stone last year and have kept 1 off so need to get the rest off and keep it off) Its now or never as weight is really starting to affect my day to day life at 21 stone I am struggling with the ''normal'' day to day routine which has never happened before so I know its time to kick myself up the rear end lol.

I got married a month ago and we are starting to try for a baby in about 3 or 4 months but as I have PCOS and have had no monthlys since I went over 16 stone I need to lose the weight and hopefully they will come back regular with the help of CD!

Wish me luck everyone! I will be on here night and day xx

VJ xx
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Good luck for your CD journey:D you know the routine and I am sure you will do brilliantly.

Good luck with the trying for a baby too;)


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Good luck VJ!

You have the right attitude and by cutting back the carbs etc now you will (hopefully) avoid a hellish first week of full CD!

Fingers crossed on the baby front! :D


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Good luck hunni, you are already doing the right things hun so you know you can do it.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Good luck with your CD journey and all the best wishes trying for a baby too!

Love Mini xxx
Im so peed off with the doctors surgery, they said it may take 2 weeks to get the forms signed so I called today as it has been just over a week and she sounded confused on the phone and said 'where did you hand them in' I told her they were given by hand to reception a week ago and she said keep ringing to check when its done. She said 'Oh well give me your number and i'll ring you back when I find them'!!! I could have screamed

So im left thinking have they lost them? Has the doctor even recieved them? Im so annoyed.

It was an hour ago and no callback so I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow chasing it up. Bloody ridiculous. Not a great start im just so keen to start afresh and get going and in the wonderful ketosis and these imbociles are stopping me!!

Rant over xx

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awe hunny, can you not get more forms from cdc and make an appointment with the doctor and get him to sign it there and then for you?
I had exactly the same thing. Receptionist said could take up to two weeks, not a priority, doctors busy seeing people who are sick!! Wouldn't phone me to say they were ready (too busy), I would have to 'phone to see if and when they would be ready.

I just kept calling every day. I think they must have got fed up with me as the forms were signed one week later. Still not ideal but at least they didn't charge me - had said it would be £30.

I didn't make an appointment to see the doctor as I didn't want to take an appointment that someone else needed. I wish I had now though!
its so wrong to keep you waiting this long, you would think they would do everything to encourage someone who wants to lose weight. hope you get sorted soon hunni.xx


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Doctors surgeries are so annoying. Mine refused point blank to sign my LL form so I had to go private, cost me £50 for a few questions and a blood pressure check. Was about 6 years ago now though, I'd hope they'd be more motivated to help people these days.


please try again
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i had to ring to see if my forms were signed, first she hadnt a clue what i was on about then put me on hold to ask around then asked me to describe them, i could hear the panic in her voice as she asked me to go on hold again. 5 minutes later she told me i could pick them up. am guessing she realised they wernt signed ( was a part timer ) and grabbed the nearest doc to slap the stamper on them!

i also wasnt charged so was thrilled to get em back so i could hand them in
Its terrible the way people are treated who are trying to help themself, I will b on the phone again today chasing it up, I hear her voice change when she hears me on the phone haha i love being a pest xx

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