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Now you see me...Soon you won't! - In the 5th Week

Hello all!


Today I start Cambridge! Nervous and excited sums up how I feel. Obviously I am already dying of hunger and have no idea how I will do this and I have only been up an hour haha! ;)

Strange, most "normal" days I don't get hungry until lunchtime but without fail my body is on to me already and has decided to protest already. Well its going to have to learn to deal with it. I am taking no prisoners :eek: Honest! lol

I did a VLCD ( not this one) last year. I did do really well. I started off at 15 stone and got down to 12 stone but life got in the way ( thats my excuse for being pure lazy about finishing!) and over time I am starting to creep back up.

On my CDC's scales last night and wearing clothes I was 13 stone 7lbs.

On my scales this morning - nekid! I was 13 stone 4lbs.

I am going to go with my CDC's scales though as that is all being neatly recorded. I like neat unless it involves housework!

My hubby is deployed right now. Not so great Christmas for us :( But I am turning it into a positive and decided to concentrate on weigh in's each week rather then the weeks of separation stretching out before us. I hope I can make a big enough "dent" in what I want to lose before our R&R with a hope to him noticing BUT that is not the main focus for me, as much as I love him and want him to be all "proud" I am just tired of being fat! I carry most of my weight on my tummy and backside...my tummy goes places long before I follow behind! I am not all over "chubby" its all front and rear!

Ah well, here we go...day 1! :wave_cry:

Today my plan is to have a Choc Mint shake around 10ish. A oriental soup for lunch and porridge around 7pm. I have never tried the cambridge flavours before, I am sooooo hoping I can find a few that I like!

Good luck to everyone else, I have been reading diaries for the last 2 weeks or so in the build up to starting. You are ALL so inspiring! Thank you!
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hello and welcome. stay strong and keep drinking the water. you'll be fab. xx
lulz! Compared to some forums, it doesn't take a great deal to become part of the furniture around here... ;)
Hello and welcome :) V exciting times ahead! Have you told your hubby your doing this diet? I started sneakily behind my hubbys back as I went away for 6 weeks and i thought it'd be funny to see his face when I returned all skinny! It was :D Best of luck, you'll storm it xxxxxxxx
Thanks for the lovely welcome :) No Shrinkin Violet, I have not told him, I swear if he does not notice he will be back on the plane out there!

So I am coming to the end of Day 2. Apart from wanting to eat my own arms (and anyone else's who is kind enough to offer) I am doing ok!

I am so, so, so hungry. Hopefully only a few days of this and then the hunger should pass. Fingers crossed. I had the butterscotch shake earlier hot with a teaspoon of coffee in. That sounds rank but believe me it was so lush!

I am not feeling all tired and lethargic which is a very big bonus!

I am also refusing to see this as something I HAVE TO DO. Its not. It is something I WANT TO DO. I can stop any time. ( Sound a right addict!)
I am working hard to achieve something I desperately strive for. Confidence!

Complete ramble! Sorry!

I hope everyone else's day is going ok :)
Ah Day 2 was my hardest day! I remember going to bed praying day 3 would pass quickly and woke up not hungry yay ketosis!!!!! Can take up to 4/5 days for some people so no matter what you're nearly there!!! Hang on in there and it'll all get insanely easy v soon! xxxxxxxxxxxx
Loving your diary!!

Your doing amazing to get past the first day.. i think the first 3 days are hard (was for me) but on Day 4 i got up and well everything seemed a lot better :) Good luck hun, we are ALL here to help and support you :) xxxx
Lovely to meet you, and congratulations on the toughest bit. It's a really lovely idea to diet while your OH is away, something to aim for isn't it.

I was trouble on day 2 and 3 but day 4 was ok, so you really are nearly there.

Thank you all for your amazing support. It means a lot.

I am still going...though I stupidly, stupidly gave in and had a boiled egg last night, it really was either that or take residence in my fridge and work through it step by glorious step :(

I found a spread sheet in one of the sticky posts here, it is FANTASTIC! I cannot wait to keep updating it! Even though I am officially going with my CDC's scales, I am going to update this spreadsheet with my own scales results as these will be the ones that will guide me for life...well until the battery goes I guess!

Here is the link: MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum - View Single Post - Graph or Spreadsheet

Plodding through my first CD weekend, Blah! It really is not the same! I will admit that sometimes the only thing stopping me from having a little something is that I have to weigh in front of my cdc and I don't want to have to explain if my first weeks loss is crapola! I don't even know her that well yet and already what she thinks is important to me, that has to be a good thing right? lol

I hope everyone else's weekend is going ok xx
Hiya and welcome.

I use that spreadsheet, it is a real motivator!

I found it really easy to stick to when my husband was away, it is when he is here on my apron strings that I find it harder (goooo on one bite wont harm you.... pffft!)

I started off at 14 1lb and I am now 11 3 (well on my scales today at least!) I have been messing about a bit lately going up to 810 and down again to SS -but up until august I was in the zone. You will get there!

Good luck for week 1's weigh in!
I wouldn't know how to use it on an ipad sorry :(

Eeek off to weigh in soon! My first one. My scales are telling me that I have not had a ground breaking first loss, so now I am beating myself up for having had a boiled (plain) egg one night this week. Never mind, there is always next week!
Good luck for weigh in hun. Don't worry about the egg! I can't see that it would have made any difference to your loss :) I ate them in my first week and lost 7lbs.

Let us know how you get on

Oh happy days! :553:

I lost 7lbs! Ok so I know a lot of that will be water etc but I have just shed HALF A STONE in a week!

Now to crack on with week 2...:eek: Please hunger go away and learn that you are not getting sated!

I hope everyone else is having a nice a Monday as possible! I am off to read some diaries x
congratulations, kitten!
Thank you lovely lady! I am very pleased but I also know a lot of it was the infamous "water weight" but also I literally stuffed myself silly leading up to my start date and I was more bloated then a bloated thing when I started lol! I am hoping now that by cracking on it will be "proper" ugly fat stuff lol!

Last night I had a boiled egg again :( I was NOT even hungry for once! Its like I could not stop thinking about having one. I am not sure if its from the old "weigh day reward" mentality or what?! I think I am going to have to stop buying eggs lol! Who would of thought it?! Eggs use to be the least of my problems, far, far behind crisps, crackers and cheese!

The egg last night very, very nearly led to more though, I had to take myself to bed :(

Today is a NEW day! Bring it on :D

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