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  1. slimming-girl

    slimming-girl Silver Member

    Hi due to my work and rota I will be putting baby in nursery from 9 months for 1 full day an my parents will do the other day I only work part time. Anyway I've booked into see some nurseries and you have to book early my concern (which I didn't have before)! My friend mentioned that nursery one day a week can be bad for a child it can cause them not to make meaningful social bonds and be anxious etc has anyone heard of this has anyone experience of one day a week ? Nursery fees are expensive and I thought one day was fine but now I'm suddenly nattered. Is it nonsense or is there fact behind it :-/
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  3. ksmiuk

    ksmiuk Gold Member

    I have never heard of this, I am not planning on using a nursery so with this theory my baby will not develop any social bonds!
    I think so long as you socialise your baby in some way, family/friends/classes etc then all will be fine.
  4. Sammielouise071

    Sammielouise071 Currently pregnant

    Hi Hun I've worked in nurseries for a number of years and from experience I would say if you socialise your child from an early age and get them used to being around other people then you shouldn't have any problems with your child attending nursery once a week ...
    The problem tends to be when children are not used to being left .. In which case 7 days is a long time between each session and doesn't give a great basis to form attachment with key worker and other children so if if a child is shy or is not used to being away from mum sometimes as practitioners we recommend doing two mornings or two afternoons a week so there is a bit more regularity and consistency for the child.
    Obviously this isn't the case for every child and in my experience the separation anxiety that you talk about tends to occur in children who are a bit older I.e toddler age ... But again I would say it greatly depends upon your child's personality and the majority of the time if a child is outgoing and confident then they're usually fine .
    I would suggest seeing how little one gets on and if you find that it is a bit of long time between each session you can always add an extra day.
    Hope that helps
  5. slimming-girl

    slimming-girl Silver Member

    Hi Sam. I'm looking at starting them in nursery at 9 months. Depending on which nursery it will be 1 full day for the non flex and 3 short days with the flexible nursery until I'm back at work so that's ok isn't it. If it ends up been non flexible so 1 full day a week what advice can you give up make sure my child forms good bonds with key workers and others. Thank you xx

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