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Nutty's Journey to Comfort.

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Hi everyone,

I have decided to try the Atkins way to lose weight. Previously i have done lots of diets and lost -gained - lost-gained.
Im tired of always fighting my weight. I know I am carb sensitive so thought I would give this ago and keep a diary at the same time to help motivate me. Ive bought the New Atkins new you book and am planning on reading it this week and starting prepared on monday. This so i can get my head around induction and plan my food for the week. So looking forward to following everyones journey and hopefully sharing my own success.
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Welcome to the forum! You sound like you're getting well prepared and organised - which is always the best way. This place is really friendly with lots of good advice if needed. Good luck on your losses :)


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Nutty and welcome, look forward to hearing how you are getting on :)

nutty me

onwards and downwards
So reading the book and getting my head around induction. The first thing i need to do, is to get organised and that will be a feat in itself.
Years ago i tried atkins and gave up after a short time due to headaches and a boring diet. Variety I think is the answer !! and organisation. Today i will plan a weeks food and go shopping and ensure i have everything i need to suceed in the first week.:)


Clean green leafy machine
prep is absolutely the key, hun. There's a low carb shopping list in the stickies - it's everything we've all found that is low in carbs :)


This is for life
Hi Nutty. Good to see your diary and welcome:D
Planning is indeed key and if you can manage the first week or two - it's not just easier it's yummy:). Never would have thought i would turn into MORE of a foodie while on a diet losing weight;) i can be unbearably smug while enjoying my double cream:D

So think of this as way of eating - and enjoy:)
Morning Nutty... hope its going well? :)

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Tomorrow is the big day !!!
Day one on atkins. A bit nervous really.
Day one plan :

B - bacon x2 and scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Coffee and cream

snack - cucumber and cheese stick

L - salad and egg and tuna, mayo

snack - not decided

Supper - lamb chops, cauli and broccoli


Clean green leafy machine
Sounds like a good start! :)
Good luck nutty! Sounds like a good start! :)
Good luck nutty and welcome, I look forward to following your diary


This is for life
Hi Nutty:). Hoping you are having a great first day:D

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Thank you to everyone for your support.
Day one did not exactly go as planned, was working an early and had difficulty getting my backside out of bed this morning so was running late!!! Work was busy and didnt end up going for a break until 11.
However, I am pleased to say I kept to the plan ......just changed aound a little

B - coffee and single cream

snack - cheese string and cucumber

L - salad ( cucumber/lettuce/egg/tom) tuna and 2 sachets mayo

D - Coffee and single cream
2 lamb chops / grill steak and cauliflower and broccoli

snack - cheese string/ baby bel

so i wonder if i should eat another meal as missed breakfast ???
or do you think i've had enough.

2 litres of water x


This is for life
Eat if hungry - otherwise dont worry about it. The key is to eat regularly and whenever hungry. Good luck for tomorrow

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Day 2 :

GET OUT OF BED ha ha.:p

B - bacon x3 and scrambled egg / mushrooms.
Black coffee

snack - baby bell / cucumber

L - lettuce / pickled cucumber/ tom / radish/ mayo and tuna.


D - beef strips/ stir fry veg
Morning Nutty... :)

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