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I been craving a cheese sandwich for a few days now.. nearly caved in last night so i just had a few slices of cheese!!

and today a few more slices!!


i am still in ketosis thankfully cheese got hardly any carbs in.. but its unsual for me to even think about cheese as it gives me migrane :(

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BIN THE CHEESE NOWWWWW!!!!! Its really funny the food then we want to have on this diet like i dont think to junk food as much you know that kind of way


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ive been craving salt and vinegar kettle chips for week, a big bag mind you!! but knew if i started i would't be able to stop!!!

hope the cheese craving is gone now!!
My craving used to be simple cheese sandwich too.

Do you think it's like being pregnant, you know those people who eat picked onions dipped in vanilla ice cream !
I read somewhere that it was you body telleng your head what it was missing, cheese = calcium I guess??

Not that I know anything about being pregnant - I'm a bloke.
Im just craving food in general lol


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nomorepies, thats true! god i craved well fatty food while pregnant lol. Kababs, Maccy ds,KFC[mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm] lol. I had a 9lb baby lol not suprised lol but i couldnt help myself! i would cry cause iwanted it so much lmao


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Mmmmmmmm right there with you Nat,

except my craving is large bag of Hundy Dorys Salt and Vinegar.....
Actually bougt a pack the other day...... but felt guilty so I gave them to bf and demanded he eat them, :(
I always start off craving junk food but then i really start to crave pasta and sandwiches and fruit and everything healthy, its wierd.

The best thing is to not have it within your reach during this difficult time.

But i always find that a few days into CD and i start to want to cook for everyone. I guess i get a rush from feeling in control of my food and knowing that i can resist. Plus its a way of having food in your life when you're living off milkshakes, its more like reality, if that makes sense.

I hope eveyone is having a good day xx
omg kimmie i ate everything when i was preggers with my baby... she was 10 pound! i went from 14.2 to 17.10 when i was preggers with her!! lol now my other child was only 8.6 and i went from 10 stone to 11 half stone lol...
I ate alot when I was pregnant with my eldest. She weighed 11lbs 2.5oz and was 3 weeks early! i felt sick if I hadn't eaten in a while, so it was a case of having to eat most of the time.

She's a skinny little madam now!


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mmmmmmmm stop talking about food!!

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