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O/H said he's proud of me


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Well blow me down!:eek: last night other half and I were sat on sofa chilling, he offered to make my shake for me (shock horror) when he came in with he said he was so proud of me. i could have cried.

he has always been quietly supportive when i have tried and failed to lose weight before. but he said he can tell its different this time, and altough he loves me whatever i look like. he wants ME to be happy with myself. it came out of the blue.

but that has made me more determined than ever to do this, just to get him to say it again.
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Aww bless. It's great that he's so supportive :)


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Oh that's lovely! You lucky girl :D xx


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My hubby keeps moaning that there less of me to hug! LOL! I told him to get used to it, I've a long way to go!! He thinks I'm nuts, but is supportive of me. He doesn't know why I'm 'putting myself through this' as he thinks I'm fine the way I am, but knows I want to lose the weight so is going along with it! It means a lot to know he understands?


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Awww thats so lovely of him! It makes this diet so much easier when you have that kind of support x
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Well Kerry, you sound as though you've got a goodun' there....It's truly fantastic to have the support of a loved one. Look after him, men like that are as rare as hens teeth!
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kerry thats a lovely feeling isnt it when they say that! My OH and I nearly split a few weeks ago, not sure if it was my fault or his but hey ho. Anyways one of things he said to me in the heat of the moment was that he didnt fancy me as much since I put on weight. Weve since managed to sort ourselves out thank goodness but that still played on my mind, especially as I was doing so well on CD. Anyways last night he whispered in my ear that he loved me and was extremely proud of me and he felt lucky to have me......awwwwwwwww. So I can imagine how you felt when your OH said such a lovely thing to you, even though he hadnt said anything disparaging to you before!!! xx


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Ah thats sweet :)


Here we go again!
Great to have a supportive hubby like that isn't it?

My hubby told me yesterday that when I started LT he doubted I would be able to stick to it at all (not that he told me) but also told me he was amazed how well I had done and was also really proud of me for sticking to it. Love him to bits for always being there for me.


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Ahhhhh! Bless!!!!!!!! How lovely! xx


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That is soooo supportive of him! I too have a fab hubby who supports me. He tried to go on the programme about 4 years ago and, sad to say, it really didn't agree with him. He lost around a stone in 4 days, but couldn't get past the 'wall'. He keeps hugging me and telling me how brave I am to start this journey!! Bless him... I am petrified of daddy long legs, so I just smile & nod!!!

Keep up the good work x


I will be skinny again!!!
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awwwwwww that is sooo cute!

My boyfriend still hasnt said much about my weight loss!

And only ever made me a shake when i begged him lol

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