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O/H - Sodding Cold Soar :(

I have suffered with bad cold soars for a years.

I usualy use a cold soar cream called Aciclovir that my doctor gives me.

I've had a terrible break out that has more or less covered the whole of my top lip and part of my bottom lip :cry:

I'd run out of the cream yesterday so i'd asked my doc for some more.

My dad managed to get to the pharmacist and pick it up for me, but it look slighty different from the one i'd been using before.

So last night when i put it on and when to bed it looked ok, when i awoke this morning my lips have swolen to twice there size!!!!:eek::eek:
I look like Leslie Ash!!!!!!!! or like i've gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson!!!

Been back to Docs this morning and has given me some allergy tablets and some Zovirax!!!

I hope they work, feel bluming horrible and to make matters worse i havent see the OH for almost 4 weeks as we have both been on holiday and i look vile and scabby and i doubt it will have gone by friday night:cry::(
We also have a birthday meal to go to on saturday with his family - god knowswhat they will think of my manky mouth!! :cry:

Just want to stick my head in the sand and dispear :cry:

Does anyone else suffer from really bad cold soars and how do you cope?
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I suffer from cold sores, it was very bad when I was younger and I don't just get them on my leips but pretty much anywhere on the left side of my face. Now I can not have one for ages and then BLAM! the day before my bf flies in from Germany one appears everytime. The last one I got was on my eyelid, which can obviously be quite dangerous if it were to infect my eye.

I have tried many many things but for me nothing really works better then good old TCP, even though it stings like hell >.<

Was it an actual cold sore cream you used that made you swell up? I know that cold sores feed off steroids which can be found in a lot of other skin treatments.
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Zovirax really workd. If yuo apply at the first sign of a tingle it can stop them appearing. Not always possible though, as they come up overnight. Tea tree oil works at helping them disappear. I ahve tried liquorice balm as well. I didn't get one when I used it every day, but you soon get out the habit again



I can do this............
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Oh you poor little chick!!

Sending you some hugs to make you feel better (((((((((((((hugs))))))))) xx

Just snuggle up under your duvet and watch daytime tv and worry about the weekend tomorrow!! I hope you get better soon! x

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