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:o( I am so weak....

Well as you have probably guessed I have caved in and eaten on only day 2 :cry: I feel like crap for it and really, really disappointed in myself but I just find the first few days so hard! There were lots of tears in the Daisy_Doo_Dah household last night and I am just so angry with myself for giving it!

I have decided that this is still the diet for me and honestly ladies, and gents you are all a real inspriation to me!

My plan is....... to try and take next Mon, Tues and Wed off work, or at least half days and restart on Monday! I know that some people might think that's the worst thing that I could do but I really think that it might work for me. Also as mad as it sounds psychologically I work better starting things on a Monday :D So there we have it! I am hoping that those three days will get me over the worst and I will be in or nearly in Ketosis by then - when it all becomes a walk in the park eh ;)

ECM and WL8S were there to pick up the pieces last night and this morning so thank you with all my heart girls, I am so grateful!

I knew at the time that I should have come and posted on here about it but I just feel like I have let everyone down, including myself :cry:

Oh well today is a new day and I am going to keep glugging the water and have a really low carb diet up to Monday and then back on the CD merry go-round then eh!

Thanks for listening - I just have to tell my CDc now ;)
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Well done hun at least you havent given up completely I am really really proud of you. If restarting monday helps you psychologically then so be it!! Just think of New York and all those fab outfits!! You can do this I know you can!!


Doing it for keeps now!!
Daisy if it's any consolation hun I boobed on Days 1 & 2 also and STILL lost 9lbs in my first week! Don't give up!

If you really really must eat...try and have something equivalent to the Add A Meal....that way it still means you remain in ketosis but you have the benefit of chewing something. Honestly I've done that and it;s made a world of difference to me.

I've now decided to hop up to the 790 meals 2-3 times per week as I know that is the best for me personally.

I still think CD is one of the best ways to lose weight because of the options that it gives you all the while still maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet with the 3 shakes a day.

So don't give up, keep going and by Day 4 you will be flying high on your little ketosis wings!!!:)
:vibes::gen126: Sending you group hug vibes!!!
At least you haven't given up completely. Why don't you start on Saturday though, then you will have a bigger buffer before having to work the full days xxx
Don't worry Daisy we all have our weak spots. You have acknowledged yours and are doing something about it. Well done! and good luck for the next week. It really is 1 day at a time....and as a newbie I also thought of taking 3 days off work to start SS :sigh: but didn't in the end
You go girl and get yourself back on the wagon. F x x x
Thank you for the support girls, it means so much to me! I just feel so crap that I couldn't stick to it but in one sense it has put me in a different frame of mind so hopefully this time will be better for me (I can but hope eh) :) xxxx


Doing it for keeps now!!
Thank you for the support girls, it means so much to me! I just feel so crap that I couldn't stick to it but in one sense it has put me in a different frame of mind so hopefully this time will be better for me (I can but hope eh) :) xxxx
You shouldn't feel crap because you couldn't stick to it.

See it more as...

OK...I stayed on SS for XXX Hours yesterday, so today I am going to SS for XXX plus Y hours....eventually you will do a full day and carry on from there!

I doubt there are many people in this forum who have managed to stick to SSing 100% start to finish. We are all human hun!!!:)
Thanks again girls, you are great :) I felt so crap this morning and still do to a certain extent but you have made me see that it's not the end of the world completely! Yet ;) xx
Don't beat yourself up,everyone struggles.As Sam said you are only a failure if you give up trying.I think it's a really good idea to start on days when you feel less stressed and as someone else says don't completely blow it until then,try having a couple of sachets and a non carb meal until then,ease yourself into it
Good for you

Well done for having done as much as you did. I know people who gave up in the car on the way home from seeing the CDc so you've got further than that. I think the key is to try and keep yourself busy so may be if you work half days at least that will keep your mind off it for a while. If you find break times hard when other people around you are eating etc then try to go for a short walk or take breaks at different times. People will understand.


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