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O my god i just so want to eat!


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I'm stuck at work pointlessly as we have advised all of our appointments not to try to get it but management are bring total eejits! Having a nightmare getting in n out n little one in n out of school n I just don't need cd right now..... It is such a sign of comfort eating I know so I'm not gonna give in but with half the office rushing off to kfc it's tough! Knowing I am only on cd for a couple more weeks is playing havoc with my will power too!! I shall not give in I refuse!!!!!! I'm worried I won't b able to get to my CDC on thurs or fri with the snow as I am so not using the car n public transport is not too great at the mo..... If I can't get there il run out of packs!!!! Guess il just have to cross that bridge when I get to it any way rant over!
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Awww poor you - but well done for your determination! You haven't long to go now. ~ I am really looking forward to Christmas as I am having time off diet then. Other than that and maybe a day off in February, this is me until Easter. It seems such a long time away!


please try again
come on hun, you dont want that kfc, yucky stuff anyway

youve done so well and christmas is nearly here, just keep picturing that gorgeous dress on christmas day

hope you can get something sorted with your cdc, my weigh in was today, no chance of getting to it but i keep an extra weeks supply in for emergancys like this


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So I've had a count up n if I totally exhaust all my packs even the minging ones I can last antill the following Friday so I've arranged just that it does mean il be going 3 whole weeks without a wi! There's a slim chance I could hit target on that day though it is a slim chance ad I have a planned day off this Friday...... So all back to normal Phew!


please try again
wow imagine that! how fabulous would it be to go see your cdc and be told your at your goal!

go you!
are you on a higher plan, if not could you not move up one and cut down the number of shakes you would need and then you'll not need so many so you could last longer, plus not use those nasty shakes up.

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