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O/T - a queation about charm bracelets


Cute, but psycho!
I was just wondering how many charms one could fit onto a normal charm bracelet?
I was thinking of doing a charm for every 1/2 stone lost but that could be one heavy bracelet!
I mean, we'd be talking at least 6 already - plau maybe one to start off with and one for my club 10 and another for my bronze body magic and already I'm on 9!

Edit: and what if I did slimmer of the week as well?!
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Desperate to be slim!
I have 6 so far, and it's ok. I know when I get to the full weight loss (about 5 stone) I'm gonna have a lot (12 inc starting star and club 10) but I think that will still be ok.
I decided not to do body magic or slimmer of the week, as I didn't want it to get too full.
I think a lot of it depends on personal choice. Do you wear a lot of jewellery? Will it annoy you? I wear quite a lot of big jewellery, so it's fine for me.
Hope that waffle helps a little!
Emma xXx


Still rockin' it
Mine has 9 on already- It will one day hold 16 as I have 8 stone total to lose. Mine is a 'sweetie' bracelet and I do worry slightly as it is elasticated under the silver- worried one day the elastic might go 'ping'!!!!

It is already a little heavy, so I try and keep the charms smaller, but so far it looks fine!

I only do them for every 1/2 stone though


Still rockin' it
Hi Danielle

Various places on the web are quite cheap- I use jewellery enchantments, the charm works, silver925, etc. Lots of different shops for different budgets



I'm the tortoise.
I got mine from lovethelinks.com. I started with a bracelt and 4 charms, people buy me them, I treat myself to them. There are some lovely links. I want one of 2 people hugging, I'll find it and show it you.


Cute, but psycho!
I was thinking more of a traditional type of charm bracelet, although I only tend to wear jewellery to go out or for special occasions...

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