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O/T Any nurses on here?

Hi everyone hope you are all ok. I haven't been on for a while as I have had lots of health problems which have meant me having to take a break from LT but I will hopefully be back on very soon. By sone miracle I haven't gained any of the weight I lost which is something. I just wanted to know if there were any nurses on here and what they thought of it as I am considering going into it. I am trying to decide between the degree and diploma and could really use some advice.

Thanks guys x x
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Hey, welcome back Shaz, long time no see. Sorry to hear you've been having health problems but congrats on not gaining any of your weight back, that's amazing!

Im not a nurse so can't really advise you but my niece is in her first year of the nursing degree and loves it. I think the degree will give you more opportunities and certainly when I looked into studying nursing the degree was the route that I was going to take. Maybe some of the others could advise though.

Look forward to seeing you back here when you restart x
Hi Cookeh how are you?

Thanks for the reply. I would love to do the degree the only problem is you get about £90 a month for doing a degree and £590 for doing a diploma. As it is a full time three year course this makes the diploma seem more appealing. I am glad to hear your niece is enjoying the course. Did she find it hard to get onto the course? There seem to be so many hoops you have to jump through including an interview with a panel just to get on the course.

Glad your date went well and like you say practise makes perfect lol x x


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Um... I may be mistaken but am sure she gets several hundred pounds a month on her course. She has 4 children and I know they stopped her benefits because her Bursary was more. She's studying in Scotland though, not sure if that makes a difference.

Yeah she had an interview as well but she sailed through it despite being horribly nervous. I think she did a healthcare access course immediately prior to being accepted to bridge the gap in her entry qualifications. She's finding it hard but then again with 4 kids under 5 its not surprising!

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