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O/T Anyone here with IBS?

common ones are caffine, wheat, dairy, and spices, recommend a minimum of 72 hours completely free of each of them. For me it's spices, for my mum it's spices and red kidney beans (!?!) for my aunt it's caffine, and other aunt it's dairy, she can have a little splash of milk in tea and that's it, no cereal, no cheese, no yoghurt.

We all use herbal remedys to relieve it, one that i concocted for them, but really need to know your triggers and bodys own signs for it to be effective. Won't publish it on here, people can ask me if they want it, just like to ask people a couple of questions before i'll tell them, better to be safe then sorry don't want somebody taking blood thinners to take it.
Wow that sounds really interesting, i'd be interested in the remedy. I think i'll start with dairy, i'm sure thats what sets it off but dont want it to be true i love cheese! xx
hi, i've never been to a doc about it, but i'm 100% sure i've got it too, but never figured out what my trigger is. Thought it was tomatoes, then gravy, then it started with KFC?!! i also wonder if its to do with when I eat, or if I eat out.

Its getting me down at the moment cause I cant eat out AT ALL cause I always end up in pain in the IBS way. Being on SW has helped cause I can say I'm not eating cause i'm on the diet, but I cant lie much more. x
Wow that sounds really interesting, i'd be interested in the remedy. I think i'll start with dairy, i'm sure thats what sets it off but dont want it to be true i love cheese! xx
With my auntie she can have goats cheese and ewe's cheese, just nothing out of a cow, whereas other ibs milk can't have that, so it might not be tooo bad.

Mrs broadside, if gravy and kfc is upseting you it may be gluten, although not sure how that would point to tomatoes (!?!)
I'll pm you and ask you a few Q's and send you the recipe. But again you really need to know your own bodies signs, which means knowing your triggers.
Ooh that would be good, hopefully i can have some sort of cheese. I think i'm the Heather Trott of the Midlands lol! xx


Trying again!!!
I have Crohns Disease and IBS and constantly have to watch what I eat. Since starting SW my health has been a lot better and I find eating little and often helps too. Soft cheeses irritate me as do nuts, white wine (still take it tho!!), chocolate (typical!!) and I can't take a lot of red meat. I used to think Monsodium glutamate (sp.) irritated my tum so I cut it out for a few months and am now fine. Best thing to do is keep a food diary and see if there are any patterns ~ I just mark down my symptoms at the side of my SW food diary.

I hope you get sorted soon hun xx
I might try writing a diary cause I know thats what a doc would say i'm sure. It might help me work out what the trigger is too.

Bex 2601 thank you for the pm, i'll give that a try and let you know how get on, those tablets you can buy over the counter are just too expensive everytime it happens.

Its good to know I'm not alone x
Im pretty sure i have it, and my doctors have confirmed it a few times but at the time i never believed them, since loosing weight it has been ALOT better, and doesnt tend to be much food that sets it off, but if it is its usually far too much cheese or spices.. However i would hand on heart say its mostly stress now. Everytime i feel rushed, paniced or am worrying or stressed about somthing, it kicks in big time.
its a pain in the frickin ass. - never quite figured out what it was that started it or was my main trigger as i used to have it worse and suffered more reguarly, but as i eat pretty much the same as i did before, just less of it all and more good stuff. i cant pin point it, but i know extortionate amounts of cheese and spices can do it. xx


is getting better at it
i have it and thought it was mushrooms, grapes, cheesse and dairy products that started me off but since i have given up drinking 2litres of pepsi max aday i can now eat all of those things

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