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O/T but help!


I will be skinny again!!!
As most of you know in my old job I had a lot of problems and was waiting on a new job.. But then got fed up of waiting on the new job because it took so long, so got another new job as a carer!

Well have been in this new job for about 3 weeks now and received a letter yesterday that my other new job has given me a start date!

So which do I chose?

As a carer or the civil service?

The carer - If I put alot of work in and do **** loads of extra hours then ill come out with more money than the civil service (but it is alot of hours)
And I have to drive arround all day, sometimes using my own petrol (bits that petrol allowance doesnt cover)
And it will be more wear and tear on Claude (my car)

But - Job satisfaction from being a carer is good and its a more active job than sitting in an office

Civil service- Good promotion prospects - set hours, no weekends, every bank holiday off, Flexi time, set salary

But - Sitting around not burning any calories or fat!

Help me!!!!!

Its always the way.. Something youve been waiting for for along time comes along just that little bit too late!
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lol irony! I dunno chelly but I reckon you know in your heart of hearts which one you really wanna go for...good luck whatever you decide.:)


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I would definitely opt for the Civil Service job if it gives you a better promotion prospects Chel. Nice to have weekends and bank holidays off work, instead of working while all your mates are out enjoying themselves.

Less hours too, so it gives you plenty of time to exercise.

Good luck in your decision xx
i agree with mary, the civil service job has such better future prospects. plus you wont be tempted by all the goodies the old dears leave out for you lol xx


I will be skinny again!!!
i agree with mary, the civil service job has such better future prospects. plus you wont be tempted by all the goodies the old dears leave out for you lol xx

Good point!

Thank you both!

Ill probably hand my notice in on monday then lol! Yikes!! :)


Getting thinner everyday!
go for the civil service.

The problem with caring is that as you get older it's tough on the back, joints ect.

Think of your future. Pensions for the civil service at the minute are the best ones (usually).

If you still want the job satisfaction that goes with caring.. do it part time, maybe a couple of days a month at the weekend. I used to do that. Worked in accounting and at the weekens worked in a residential home as I liked the job satisfaction that came with it. Best of both worlds.



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Civil service job chick :D

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
definately civil service hun. good luck with whatever u choice x
c/s job your going somewhere with that type of job as much as i loved being a carer if a job had come up like that for me i would have snached off the hands of the person giving it to me just by chance i was offered a job being a chef and i went with that wayyyyyy more money suits me with having kids and when i go back ill only have to do 3 days you dont turn your nose up at a chance to better ya self if it dont work out you can always be a carer again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I agree with Hooli......do the carers job part time....terms and conditions would be much better with the Civil Service.
Good luck


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I have to agree with all the others Chell - long term Civil Service is best option I reckon - Good luck hun x


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Chel, will your carers job pay you more then the civil service job after you have deducted the cost of your petrol? To be honest I don't think it will and carers are not well paid, especially for how much work they put in. I work in a care home as an administrator and what we pay the carers I think is appalling.
Definately the Civil Service if it was up to me. Why dont you do a list of fors and against. As for the exercise commit to gym or exercise plan for a couple of those evenings or weekends.
As has been said already, you need to do what is right for you. It may help to think about where you'd like to be in 10 years time and which job will get you there. At the end of the day you have to do the job, which one would you still like to be doing in the future?

Good luck hun.

Hi Chelly, well done for having TWO jobs to chose from in these hard times. Best write two lists....pros and cons...although I think the Civil service job sounds the best tho. Good luck!


I will be skinny again!!!

I know thats what everyone keeps saying to me lol!

Yeah did that last night and Ive decided to go for the civil service job!

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