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O/T - Charley (and anyone else) - DLP!


Shut up Ethel
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Hi Liz, I am a disney virgin !!!!!!!!!! So any tips would be great !
I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More so than the kids I think !
We are staying at the Cheyenne for 4 nights, are you going in October ? We are 27th Sept to 1st Oct, so will miss you, what a shame would have been lovely to meet up and have bars together hehehehe !

We have booked for Billy Bob's Wild West, Dinner with Mickey and Dinner with Princesses on the platinum package, so the night we arrive we need to find somewhere lovely to eat !

Can you recommend ? And also tell me about the VEA ? Have been advised to do this as taxi more expensive?

Me x


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Can I come?!


Shut up Ethel
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Lucky, lucky, lucky you. We went earlier this year - March I think. Cold but good as off season and quieter. I have loads and loads of tips....we dont' have children, though, so some of these might not apply!

I love it there. There's nothing to do except have fun! All responsibilities and all that seem to just fall away. We got engaged there (outside the pizza planet restaurant - so classy) then spent 5 nights of our honeymoon there, and have been back for every anniversary or at least once a year since then. (I think our next trip will be our 10th or 11th!)

Ok, VEA. That means nothing to me.....we go on Eurostar. I think it is a shuttle bus that runs from CGD to the park. I suggest you go to this excellent website www.dlp.info which has loads of stuff plus a really really helpful forum.

It sounds like you have loads lined up - all the things you have booked will be great fun! There are so many places to eat; in Disney village and in the parks themselves. In the village I quite like the rainforest cafe and Annette's diner (burgers etc). Nothing is cheap, sadly. Planet Hollywood doesn't get good reviews and I wouldn't go there again tbh. Not sure what the restaurant in your hotel is like, as the Cheyenne is the one I've never stayed in! Been to all the others now, oh I lie never been to the Newport Bay actually (although have been to its restaurant, which was good). We nearly always stay in the Disneyland hotel itself, I save my bonus and blow it once a year - its soooo expensive, but soooo worth it. Do pop in and have a look at it, its stunning.

Lots of good restaurant info here www.dlpfoodguide.com

Not sure how old your kids are but if little do use the 'baby switch' so you don't have to queue twice to go on the big rides one adult at a time! My top five.....difficult to choose, but I would never miss:

Pirates of the caribbean
Tower of Terror
Big Thunder Mountain
Buzz Lightyear (this is soooo much fun)
Aerosmith rock and rollercoaster

i also love everything in Fantasyland!

oh i could go on for hours...ask some more questions and distract us both from the fridge/feeling ill!!

Here's me and Mr L at DLP one Christmas



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oooohhh, we're going in October too!We go on the 4th, and come back the 6th so only for 2 nights, and we're staying in Sequioa (sp?).

We've never been before and i already want to book again!

We're going half board plus, so we dont have to worry about the additional cost of too much other food...

Thinking its going to be a nightmare place for this diet, although i'm hoping to be at goal by then and still take some packs/tetra's with me for lunch...!

We're going on Eurostar, but thinking about Driving next time so its cheaper!

SOOOO Cant wait!



Shut up Ethel
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I don't think I'd try to stay on diet Lizz! But then again, that's just me, and I do lack discipline!

HB plus seems to get really good feedback. There are some lovely places to eat and if you wanted to, you can upgrade to the even better restaurants and just pay the difference. I'd say a meal in the Blue Lagoon restaurant isn't to be missed. Food is ok....not spectacular, but nice...but the setting is amazing. Its actually IN the pirates ride, you watch the boats going by in a sort of tropical atmosphere!

Yes, there's lots of poor choices you could make, and endless sweeties and cookies and chips and burgers, but if you choose the slightly higher end restaurants I imagine you could choose fairly healthily. Breakfast always has a good range of fruits, yogurt, eggs etc as well as the usuals.

Are you going on the direct Eurostar or to Paris and change? I am scared of driving on the continent so although we live in Kent and it would be easy to do, we go from Ebbsfleet on the train. You can get some good deals if you go to Paris and change for the RER for the trip out to DLP as an 'independent' booking (eg not booked with park package). It can be as little as £29 return....plus a few euro for the RER....dirt cheap!

me and Mr L went in Nov 07, Feb 08, Nov 08 and Mar 09...you'd think we'd be a bit disneyed out, but no, this thread has started us talking about when we can book for next!


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Oh you are getting me all excited and thanks for the tips !

Our daughters are 9 and 5. We are flying over (live near Newcastle) worked out a lot cheaper than the eurostar (just going easyjet).

I think the night we arrive the park is open til 8, other nights are 6pm, but we have the meals booked anyways for those.

I have heard good reviews about Annette's and the Blue Lagoon, decisions !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hoping to be at goal (fingers x'd) by then, but if not as I have meals booked I will indulge but not go as mad as I would have. I am taking some bars to help me thru.

Cheyenne is the wild west one, I would love to stay at the Disney Hotel, but got a deal and as it's first visit the price is right for us !

I have wanted to meet Mickey and Minnie all my life and my dream will come true aged 34 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did look at half board plus but the platinum seemed better value, plus we can go almost anywhere including inventions, don't mind paying a little extra as it looks fab !


WILL be Slim!
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we're going on the direct eurostar into the park....thought for the first time it would be easier, and then next time i actually want to stay at the Davy Crocket cabins....they look really nice and it would save us a fortune, its just whether Freya would accept that sort of car journey....
We're thinking of booking up for another visit, but going on the ferry, Dover to Calais and then driving from Calais, its about 3 hours from what i understand....
anyone else driven?

We got 40% off....and freya travels and stays free (she's only 3)....so all in i think it came to £350 for the hotel and the half board plus option...Eurostar was £150 (which i think it REALLY expensive)!

How much spending money do you recommend?
We're going for 2 nights/3 days so figures £300 considering the food is pretty much covered...??



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We went in May............. We had a fab time..
Stayed at the Newport bay...........
I would say go to Mickeys Diner one night if you havent booked it, its great as all the characters come round and you can have pics with them..
We ate in the hotel one night and we went to Annettes diner one night too..
You are going to have a great time.. My boys are younger 2 and 3 they really did love it we went with my family and my niece is 7 and got more out of it being older!!!!
I cant remember if I had this conversation with one of you before but what we did was take quite a few snacky bits with, crisps, chocs, cartons of drinks.... just so we had it and it was so useful.. everything in disney is a fortune........


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oooh i'm so excited! sorry i'm not a CD-er... but i did a search for disneyland and came accross this :eek:

we're going on monday... only for 3 days though this time :( as we're taking my 88 year old nan and it'd be too much for her if we stayed any longer i think! xx
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I am going to be looking for you Beki !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not long now, we have booked for Inventions, Cafe Mickey, Wild West Show and then are hoping to get booked for Blue Lagoon but may have to do late lunch rather than dinner as park closes at 7pm.

I am going to try and be sensible, and I am taking bars for during the day as I don't want to eat endless ice creams, cookies etc !!!!

I am Ssing until Saturday to lose the few pounds I have gained these past few days - I have barley eaten much but my CDC said you can hold up to 7lbs in water when you introduce carbs !!!!!!!!!!! So I am feeling a bit more positive now as the scales are showing more !

Not weighing in this week just going to weigh myself Sat am.!


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hehe - are you as excited as i am?! :D i can't WAIT!!! :D

i'm so jealous you're eating at all those lovely places though! i reeeeeally want to eat at inventions, but each trip stretches us so much just paying for it, that all the lovely extras that most people enjoy.. we don't get to do :( still.. the chuck wagon cafe suits us fine ;) LOL

one thing i'm DEFINITELY booking when we (hopefully) go in feb/march, is the princess lunch/dinner at 'auberge du cendrillon' - DD will be 11, so probably the last time the REALLY appreciate the princesses for what they are (unlike me, who at nearly 30 will appreciate everything anyway! :D lol) xx


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oh, and if you *do* spot me, come and say hi! :D we're really friendly and don't bite (much... well, maybe nan does :rotflmao: ) ;) :D

we'd have to take a photo though, so we could say we had a mini minimins meet at disney! :D haha

i've changed my hair btw, incase you're looking for someone with brown hair! it's now dark red, just past shoulder length and will be curled :D

hold on and i'll get a couple of pics so you can spot us ;)


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Just realised i'd already left photos on the other thread :eek: sorry! but i've found them now anyway so i'll post them! LOL

You'll have to imagine DS without the pooh bear suit as it's now too small for him *sob* (don't know if you've got any under 3's? if so you're welcome to it! :D )

And what my hair looks like now (but nowhere near as red as it looks in this pic!!)

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Oh I am loving the hair ! Your kids look sooooo sweet !

My girls are 9 and 5, Sophie (9) had some Mickey tee shirts, but Chloe (5) has the full minnie mouse garb to wear !

We aren't doing Auberge as the menu didn't appeal to my girls (altho the adult one looks amazing) and they aren't girly girls really, they are tom boys !!!!!

I am so excited and you are making me worse hehehehe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are you staying ????
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:cry:GREEN with Envy:cry:

We did DLF 5 years ago and it was my best holiday ever ever ever, enjoy everyone its amazing xxx


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We're at the santa fe this time.. usually we stay at the cheyenne which is our fave hotel :D but we've stayed at the santa fe before and it was nice :)

shola's taking her tinkerbell outfit which she's hoping to wear if the weather's nice.. she's really a little bit old for it, but who cares.. in disneyland even some of the adults dress up :D ;)

if you get a chance, i recommend going to see 'stitch live!' in the studios. it's amazing! you sit in a room, probably 50 of you altogether and on the cinema screen is a massive stitch who talks to people in 'real time'!

i know this because the lady came over to me with the microphone and asked me my name and stitch actually talked to me in real time on the cinema screen! he named a planet after me (called it Bekitopia :D), but then blew it up... told me that alan was ugly and he thought he was my dad, not my boyfriend! ha! :D then asked me to marry him! haha :D it's quite surreal actually lol, and definitely worth the 25 mins it takes! :D

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