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O/T- Does anyone sell on Ebay?


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I'm planning on finally clearing out all the cr*p from my wardrobe that I don't wear or doesn't fit anymore. Most is in great condition, so I fancy trying to get a few ££'s for it rather than bagging it up for charity.
I buy a lot on Ebay, but have never sold? I'd appreciate any advice anyone has- especially for estimating postage charges? Or is there anything I should be sure to mention, or be aware of? If it's too much bother I might just bag it all up rather than taking 100's of pics & listing it all, but I'd like funds for some new (or nearly-new) stuff! I have 100% feedback and am afraid of getting awkward/nasty buyers that'll ruin that, as well as losing out because I've underestimated postage?
Any advice welcome thanks?
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The only thing i would say is watch out for ebay and paypal fees! They really hit you with those!


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Hi Irish mum

Ive just sold a lot of stuff on ebay a few days ago and made myself £152.00 on eleven items. I know from myself that Ive bought alot of ebay too as i found the clothes I wanted were sold out in the shops with them being larger sizes.

It is worth listing them, but I think its best to decide whether single or bundles, in my opinion if you do bundles try to list the same brand items together and keep them small, as large postage from weight can put people off bidding. Also if you add to the listing 'collection in person' that can help cut postage issues and some people can be nearby to collect, but in my experience always ask for paypal payment first.

If it helps i sold a bundle of size 16 items, a pair of boyfriend jeans (quite heavy), and two long cotton tunic tops 1st class and the postage cost £4.25, I charged £5.15 but i didnt get any come back. Afterall its hard to estimate postage. But if you can you could pre package what you are going to sell and get them weighed and estimated at the post office, or even if you charge a reasonable postage price and offer 1st class and if its still way out you could either refund the buyer through paypal (the difference) or you could upgrade the postal service if it fits within postage charged e.g. upgrade to recorded delivery or next day delivery?

I would also take a look at similar items selling and see what other people charge for postage.

Some people charge ridiculous postage but I find if you charge reasonable or just a little less than similar items I get more bids which should help if you have understimated.

I would probably sell one item first then see how much postage comes to when you post it and you can go by that weight to estimate future items.

Hope this makes sense and helps.
Jodie x


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ive sold a quite a bit on ebay and my mum works in the post office so im clued up on the postage costs.

i can post all the prices up for you later if that'll be any help?!


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That'd be great Kels! It'd help me work out if it'll be worth it? I only plan on accepting paypal for handiness sake, so I'll look into their (& ebay's) fees.
Thanks everyone!
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I use Ebay alot, and you do need to watch out for the fees, i would suggest not using any of their template artworks, avoiding buy it now and just adding the 1 photo which is free to keep costs low. If you start your bidding price at £4.99 the fee is not to high for decent stuff, or if you are not to bothered what you get and dare - start at 99p which is cheaper to list just be prepared to sell at that price!
Saying that i have had very good experience selling larger size items of clothing on ebay, and sold things for good money. With your postage take into account the cost of your packaging, you can buy off ebay the strong plastic sealable bags to post items out which are great for clothes they are your best bet. As rule of thumb i charge for postage for jeans £3, and smaller items at £1.50-£2.50. I have never had any negative back on those postage costs, as it is not far of the actual cost i think jeans cost about £2.65 to post).
Regards to paypal yes they do take an immediate fee but you get instant payment and most buyers prefer this it is rare to get someone pay by cheque these days! even though i do still offer this if preferred. good luck! go for it dont give it all away!


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I had all my 'big' stuff hanging around the picture rails in the house intending to take photos & put them on ebay but I 'watched' a few items which didn't sell so after a couple of weeks I've just bundled them into charity bags that came through the door in aid of a baby hospice.
Mind you none of my stuff was 'labels' or anything - they seem to do better.
Bear in mind the 'postage' cost has to cover all the packaging as well.

Good Luck with it! x
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Iv sold some bits on there like old ps3 games etc

MAke sure you state UK bidders only lol


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Ive put some items on there 7 days ago and made £370.Yes there was 2 large items but still.Id say put it on.If you start things off at 99p its free and it dont really cost that much more to put stuff on.I always add an extra 20-50pto postage to make up the cost off putting them on.Weigh out your items on theres a price finder on royal mail to find out postage cost.
ALWAYS put that if the bidder lives outside the UK to message for over seas postage BEFORE they bid.As it cost more to post abroad.
Happy selling and make LOADS of £££££


A little of everything!
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Thanks for all the advice everyone! I started to hoke out all the excess stuff yesterday, and realised I'll need a few free hours to do that alone- never mind take photo's & list all the stuff! So I'll sort out my wardrobe first, and leave the listings until I have a day off to sort out photo's/descriptions etc. I have some 'branded' stuff, and a lot of everyday stuff in vgc, so I'll put the lot on and hope for the best?
I've gotten 4 pairs of size 12 next jeans in the last week for £15 to replace my 14/16's, so if I continue like that I'll need some funds! LOL!....


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I'm amassing a huge pile of stuff for charity shop/ebay too - just sorting it will take an age so goodness knows when i'll find the time to photograph and put it all on for sale! have got some items i've never even got round to wearing before they were too big! lol - great feeling though :)

good luck IrishMum and keep us posted as to how you do!


A little of everything!
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have got some items i've never even got round to wearing before they were too big! lol - great feeling though :)
Me too! Some with labels still on so should be able to get a good price for them? Am quite excited (nervous too- I want to keep my 100% rep!;))


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have even got a couple of MOnsoon items with tags still so looking forward to getting some of my money back on those - that brand always sell well.

to be honest think most of my stuff will go to the charity shops rather than ebay - it's just too time consuming for my liking!


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I had a good clear out last week, ended up with a huge pile of stuff to sell and spent most of yesterday listing it on ebay, very time consuming but hopefully worth it when/if they sell. Nice to get rid of the 'fat' clothes isn't it?!

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