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O/T - Ex Housemate Rant!

God I am so annoyed today. I live in a shared house and my housemate moved into another house at the beginning of August, even though his tenancy at my property wasn't up until the end of October. He's now quibbling about the bills that he still has to pay as he moved out and doesn't think he should be responsible. I'm not charging him for gas, electric or internet, all i've asked him for are council tax and the water rates, which the landlord said he was liable for as part of his tenancy agreement - but some numpty at the council told him he doesn't need to pay the council tax, even though they said to me they don't get involved in people who rent so long as the bill is being paid.

It's annoyed me so much as he knew last month when I told him that he had to pay the council tax and water until the end of his tenancy and i've spent the last week with 35p to my name as the bills all went out of my account last Friday.

He was an idiot that would forget everything as soon as he had been told it anyway, and to live with he was a complete nightmare (left washing up for a week at a time, left mouldy food around the kitchen, never cleaned, used to leave his boy-wee all over the toilet, left the gas on one day, used to leave his massive windows wide open and the front & back doors unlocked) so really i'm glad to see him go, I just wish he'd cough up what he owed!

Rant over, I feel slightly better now!
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Jenny - if its in the tenancy agreement then I think it's the landlord's responsibilty to chase him for it? Know how you feel - i hated shared housing for all those reasons!
My previous housemate had been fine when it came to bills, she just transferred the money in just before the bills came out - but this guy always drags it out. I just sent him a message telling him that the tenancy agreement states he is responsible for the bills for the duration of the tenancy, not his occupation of the property and he sent one back saying he'd drop the money off tonight. I just wish it wasn't so much of an effort to get the money off him!

Fortunately I won't have to do it again though - got a new girl coming to look at the room on sunday - so that gives me a few days to make it smell less of 'dirty boy'!!!

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