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O/T - Facebook


Skinny girl in a fat body
Could someone give me a bit of advice about Facebook please.

I have put some photos on my facebook and tagged a certain person on the photos. Does that mean that everyone in his account can see the photos?

Also, even if he deletes me from his account, are the photos still there for everyone to see still?

Can anyone else delete the photos or do I have to do it becasue I put them on?

I am putting my cursor over the photo and the name tag is still on - does that mean they haven't been deleted or untagged and everyone on his account can still see them?
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Hey Mia, It depends whether you have it set on friends only, or friends of friends. If you have it set as friends of friends then everyone on his/her list can see.

You are the only one who can delete.

If you have selected friends only he/she may choose to post it so his/her friends can see it too.

Hope that makes sense?



Skinny girl in a fat body
The photos are set to everyone, so all his contacts can see?

I thought he could untag the photos. If he does, how will I know. Like I say at the moment when I put my cursor over the photos his name is still coming up, I take it that means its still tagged?

God, I'm thick lol
yes that means he is still tagged, and because you have everyone, if i knew your name I could also see it!

If he detags it you won't know unless you keep looking at your version. If he detags the cursor will not state who it is!
you could just go into the album edit or edit the pictures from being everyone to see to only friends.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Nooooooooo, I want everyone to see them :)


The Minis Bad Boy
ahhh cmon now I wanna know allt he juicy gossip as to why he needs to be untagged!!


The Minis Bad Boy
Am I going to cause an uproar by declaring that Facebook has one of the most user friendly GUIs on the tinernet as well as an aesthetically pleasing webpage?


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well I wouldn't know if it had one of the most user friendly GUI's on the internet or not, I don't use it. I used it for a specific purpose and won't be using it again. It is one of the most dangerous inventions ever as far as I am concerned - but hey, that's only my opinon.

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