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O/T Fed up of clothes shopping!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by louizekj, 23 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. louizekj

    louizekj Silver Member

    I know with being on a diet and losing weight, shopping is supposed to become something you love to do but i've just spent all day wandering around the Trafford Centre and it's made me so fed up!

    I'm a size 16 and its irritated the hell out of me that in one shop i was down to a 14 (secretly chuffed) but then in another i had to get a size 20 dress! How????? Why???? I know its all in me head and its not real lol but its so disheartening to go up 2 to 3 sizes just for different shops! Why can't there just be one universal measurement that says this is a 16, 14, 18, whatever it is!!! Ooooooo! :mad:

    Ok rant over sorry guys lol xx
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  3. louizekj

    louizekj Silver Member

    Haha handbags and shoes i have way too many off...been using that one for the past 10 years :D in fact i'm up to 105 pairs of shoes and double that in handbags at the moment!!

    I know your right hun, thanks! It's just irritating..what starts out as a perfectly good shopping trip ends up with me throwing a strop in the middle of Monsoon haha!xx

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