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O/T Films


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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What is your favourite film? Anne of a thousand days (I love anything Tudor) and Love Actually for my Xmas eve glass of sherry! (that's every year! My new tradition, and I always cry!)

Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed? My left foot and Grand Torino

Which film did you hate? The GodFather. OH took me to see it when I was 8 months pregnant, and I was nearly sick when I saw the horses head!
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I absolutely love Kiterunner. Also love Shawshank redemption. Loved Rendition. Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was really good too.



Slow but sure....
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Gosh there are so many.......

I also love history of any sort in books or films.... and the 2 films I've enjoyed in recent years have been the 2 'Elizabeth I' films, starring Cate Blanchette (who I think is a class actress)

I also loved 'Gladiator' and 'Kingdom of Heaven' (I love Ridley Scot films)

2 older films I love is 'The Magnificent Seven' and 'Once Upon A Time In America' (I love any Robert De Niro film, but not his 'comedy' ones)

And 'The Quiet Man' with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara - I could sit and watch it every day, love it.

A film I didn't fancy but enjoyed was West Side Story - I cried buckets all through it)

Musical films - I hate Musical's (although the exception is a Barbra Striesland film) - I love her voice and my favourite film is 'The Prince Of Tides'

Sorry Judi - I have mentioned more films than you intended I think.....


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Just love - The lake house/ Stranger than fiction/holiday/youve got mail/sleepless etc/ little women/anne of green gables

A true, soppy, romantic Im afraid


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I have plenty of favourites including Stargate, The Green Mile, It's a Wonderful Life, Primal Fear, The Game and I really could go on!

As for films I didn't fancy but ended up enjoying, I can't think of any! But that is really because I always look forward to any film - if I didn't fancy it I probably wouldn't watch it lol.

Films I don't like include Cloverfield, Escape from New York (or L.A., whichever was the follow up), Blair Witch 1 and 2, Jackie Brown (turned it off after 20 mins).

I am quite easily pleased with films, so it is rare for me to not enjoy one really.
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What is your favourite film? City of Angels, Donnie Darko and American History X
Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed? Wall-E
Which film did you hate? Be Kind Rewind
What is your favourite film?

Hostel 1 and 2,
The Killing Room,
Saw I, II, III, IV,
From Within,
Rachel Getting Married,
Death Race,
Dead Snow,
Race To Witch Mountain,
August Rush,
The Hangover,
My Sassy Girl,
27 Dresses
Bratz the Movie
Material Girl
Flight of the Navigator
Live Feed
The Craft
Home Alone
Hannah Montana the movie
Marley and Me
The Secretary
Blood Diamond
I Love You Man
The gorier the better lol.

Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed?

Pearl Harbor
Black Hawk Down

Which film did you hate?

Crank 2

cant think of anymore lol, me and OH are serious film addicts, we watch pretty much ALL new films that come out, we download alot of old ones too, and buy alot (altho i do wait till they are down to £2-4 in Asda/Tesco cos i buy that many lol


I will succeed!!!
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Fave film: Argh I like loads...erm...I love the classic chick flicks such as Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and such. I also love Top Gun. But I'd say, if I had to choose one fave film it would be Gladiator.

Film you loved but didn't expect to: I went with friends to see Twilight not knowing anything about it. I went feeling neutral about it and loved it. Read all the books and now cannot wait for the second movie next month hehe.

Film I hated: I generally hate any films with gratuitous violence, so I'd never watch SAW or the like. I was massively un-impressed with Fame recently too.

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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What is your favourite film?

I have a few but here is a sample... Pulp Fiction, Dogma, Mallrats, Clueless, Death Proof, The King & I.

Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed?

30 Days Of Night, Strictly Ballroom, Bring It On.

Which film did you hate?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Chicken Run, Hellraiser (any), Journey To The Center Of The Earth (the latest version) and Twilight.


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What is your favourite film? has to be true grit.
Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed? twilight never like watching a film after reading the book
Which film did you hate? any james bonds


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yaaaaaayyyy i love this thread i am a total film nut i did a film degree so i can talk bout this stuff forever

fave film will always be eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

film i didnt think i would like was keeping mum quaint english comedy with rowan atkinson and patrick swayze it's lovely and very well written and acted i suggest it for a sunday afternoon its also got maggie smith in it.

i dont think i hate any film you have to appreciate them for what they are and who they appeal too it would probably be you've got mail if i had to pick or hotel de love because its just awful.


Cute, but psycho!
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What is your favourite film?

I have many films that I love - most Pixar ones, for example, and things like The lake House and You've got Mail...but my fave film of all time is actually a musical. I simply love 'Hair' - makes me cry each time I see it all well.

Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed?

I really wasn't fussed to see 'The long Good Friday' but really enjoyed it. The same with the original Get Carter (wouldn't see the remake) and 'Taken', and the Godfather films but in each case ended up enjoying them.

Which film did you hate?

I was really looking forward to seeing 'Elizabeth' as I'm a huge Tudor and Elizabeth 1st buff but was disappointed in it - the historical accuracy just wasn't there, too many 'that never happened' incidences for me I'm afraid, so I've never even seen the sequel.


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Film I love is Man of Fire - read the book too..
Film I didn't fancy much but enjoyed was Phonebooth - I think Colin Farrell
Film I hate - not sure there are plenty I have watched and thought, WHY at the end.....


Cute, but psycho!
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Oh! Thought of another one I hate: Children of Men!

I have read the book and loved it, but the film changes the story! There are people in there who aren't in the book, the main character is changed and so is the ending *GRRR*


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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braveheart i hate hate hate that film grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr historically innacurate and just another vessel for gibson to slate the english it's pants


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What is your favourite film? -
Lost In Translation, The Wedding Singer, Insomnia & Sympathy For Mr Vengeance

Is there a film you didn't fancy but really enjoyed? -
I hate musicals but ended up enjoying Chicago.

Which film did you hate? -
The Talented Mr Ripley, Contact, Friday 13th (remake) and so many awful cheap horror movies (i highly recommend Simon Says if your after a few laughs lol)

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