o/t - finding this hard because


my dad was taken into hospital yesterday. They are testing him for leukemia and I just cant think straight. Im only in my second week so I really dont want to fail but my finds in a jumble. Yesterday I picked at the kids dinner without even thinking about it again.

Ive had a banana shake this morning and ive got my water on my desk at work. The difficult time is when I get home and in the evening. Im gonna see my dad later.

Sorry to go on a bit but I just needed to talk to somebody.
Can't say anything useful to be honest, just to let you know I'm thinking of you.

Oh Janey, what a stressful situation you have going on, I really don't know what to say other than to send you hugs.

Breaking the diet will make you feel worse not better though Janey. If you stick with the diet at least you'll have something positive to focus on....

Hope your Dad is OK, let us know how he gets on...

Your right Karen, sticking to the diet will at least give me something positive to focus on. Im gonna do this cos I so want to lose the weight.
Good girl honey!! We're all here for you whether it's to do with the diet or any other part of life!! So keep us posted OK...
Just to say Im thinking of you~just think how proud your Dad will be of you and how your strenght to do this will show him your strong enough to be there for him.
Sorry to hear about your dad janey: it must be a very difficult time for you.

But it's precisely at a time like this that you have to hold it together. If anything, CD is probably the easiest way of continuing your journey towards better health at a stressful time because the rails are so narrow ... you just have to harden your resolve to stay on those rails.

It won't help the situation if you have not only your Dad to worry about but you start feeling cr@p about sliding on your diet too.

My dad has prostate cancer and secondary bone cancer: his face lights up as he sees me getting healthier and slimmer. He doesn't need the added stress and worry of seeing MY health going down the pan.

You and your family are in my thoughts: remember that medical science has advanced incredibly over the years and even if the tests come back not as you'd hope, the prognosis isn't always as grim as you might imagine.

My dad has lived with cancer for over 4 years now and every time it looks like it's taking a grip again, the doctors have a new strategy to fight it.

I hope everything works out OK and the tests come back negative. Stay strong and keep us posted xx
How right you are, my dad would like it if I lost the weight so Im gonna make him proud and do it.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement.
I don't know what to say other than I'm sending you hugs and I hope your dad is ok xx
Janey- sending you lots of hugs... you must be devastated, we're all here for you XXX
The support on here is fab. Thanks again everyone.

Im getting ready for my next shake soon cos I can feel a hunger pang coming on. lol.

I must admit I wish cambridge could be the same as LL and let you have 4 a day cos that would help me get through the evenings easier.
So sorry to hear your news, hun but as Debbie says, they can do marvellous things these days!

HUGS, hun and keep glugging the water - it will help you fight any cravings and I agree that splitting the packs or having an extra one every now and then is the way forward.

Im gonna go and see my cdc on Sat or Sun this week and Im gonna talk to her about doing the 790 step.

I think I would find that easier to stick to than total abstinence. Hands up to those of you that can do it though.

I figure that if I find it easier to stick to the 790 that would be better than trying ssing and nibbling every now and then.
(((((((((janey)))))))) so sorry to hear about your dad xxx

Excellent advice from everyone here. If you feel doing 790 will make it easier for you through this time then that's what you should do.
Hi Janey, hope all goes well with your dad! Just wanted you to know im one in the minority on here that is on cd790 and i am getting on great (have lost 1st in my first 2 wks) tried LL for a couple of weeks and also lost weight but stopped as i couldnt not have any food at all.I find one small meal really keeps me positive and gives me something to look forward to in the evening with family,i do want to ss eventually but not just yet . Doing it this way is better than not doing it at all. Lots of love to you and your family.Sarah xx