O/T Help hair colour!


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Went and had my hair coloured at my local salon instead of doing it myself for a change. Thought I'd treat myself and plus can't lift my arm to put home dye on at the moment. Anyway.....come back and its really, really dark! Meant to be brown but its almost black :eek:. Any hairdressers out there know if I can put a lighter colour on to lighten it?

Kamilla x
Will it fade in a few washes? I know when I have mine done I always hate it but a couple of days of washing it twice it looks faded and better!

I am always wary of lightening after darkening!
Be careful kami, leave it a day or two and see what difference washing it and getting your eye in does. Maybe a chnage will do you good! Hope you are feelinga bit better. Love
Hi Kam,
I dyed mine today decided to be daring as i have been feeling a little blue so got a red dye !

Yes you have guessed it, i now have ginger hair !

Off to tescos for a brown dye tomorrow !!

I agree with Angela though i always have brown and have to wait till its been washed a few times !

Good luck and hope your feeling well xxx
Thanks ladies,

My DH said it only looks so dark because I look so pale at the moment.....have olive skin so not normally so pale. Spoke to mate who said to use head & shoulders to wash it apparently it strips some of the colour out. But I'm going to pop back into the hairdressers on Monday and see what she says after all it is nothing like the colour I chose and it was meant to be more like my real colour...mid-brown not jet black! My son said I look like a goth!

OMG Kandy....ginger!! I always said I'd marry someone with ginger hair! love it....married a mousy blonde! Bet you look fab! But I know exactly how it feels when you don't feel it looks right. Fingers crossed we both get sorted.

Barb, thanks love and yep feeling better but very tired and doped up! the tabs I'm on make me feel very drowsy I'm like a zombie!

Kamilla xx
Hi Kam
A few years ago, I dyed my hair at home with a good dye kit (Loreal) but I didn't do the strand test and 'rich warm brown' came out 'Grenadier Guard's Hat'! :eek:

I rang Loreal and they said what your friend did: use a dandruff shampoo containing ZINC and leave it on for about 10 / 15 mins before rinsing it. Apprantly that strips a lot of the colour out.

Anyway, see what your hairdresser says: they should rectify it for free as it wasn't what you asked for :)
'Grenadier Guard's Hat' LOL! Sounds exactly like me now!

Thanks Debbie. Will get DH to buy some H&S tomorrow when he's out. But your right hairdresser will have to sort it out....but I'm scared to go in and complain.:eek:
if you havnt got h & s in thehouse some washing up liquid will do the trick, wont hurt just once just condition it well, it iwll fade though, your hairdresser should have told you sometimes they go darker,
Oh Kam, I hope you sort it out. Mind you, with your lovely eyes, I bet you can carry off quite a dark hair colour.
I was just trying to pluck up the courage to go and have the colour of my hair made a bit more interesting, it's just gone so blonde now (with age!) it's almost white, it needs some streaks or something to brighten it up, but I'm a bit scared to "take the plunge" as I haven't coloured it for years - and then it was blonde streaks - no need for those now.
Ann x
Love to do your hair Ann, give you a boost, as you've boosted me all the way back to May !!! Please give me a shout.... Hair, make up, photos, I can sort it...As long as we can sort a location, Don't know of anyone who deservers a make over quite like you do xxx
Hope all is going well. I tend to colour at home as I started with the whites! at age 18 and now have about 100 or more salt & peppered all through my hair if I don't dye it. My problem is they're not grey, they're bloody albino white & therefore look ridiculous with my dark hair. Have found Feria and Schwarzkopf the best ones... Nutrisse & Easy didn't cover the whites! Plenty annoyed to spend over an hour dyeing my hair only to find when it dried that they were still there! Good luck with the hairdressers!

Love xxx
Ooh Kandy,
I've been there with the orange hair lol - hope you sorted it out today :D

Kam hope the H&S works for you, as the others say it will fade in a few washes, maybe give it a good few washes with the H&S? Let us know how you get on! :p
Thanks for all your replies and advice. Well here I am sitting at home with head & shoulders on my hair covered with a plastic bag! And what a sight I look! If this doesn't work I'm going to the hairdressers in the morning to complain! Typical that this should happen 2 weeks before my mates wedding at least it should be ok by then.
Lump2lush.....I'd love a make over! Abit of a tomboy! The last time I wore make up was on my wedding day.......14 years ago! :eek: I wrote to GMTV not that long ago and asked about having a complete makeover! I'd love someone to make me over and take me shopping for something 'girlie'! Maybe when I'm at goal.
Kamilla xx
Sorry I didn't get back sooner, Got your mail Ann thanks I'll give you a shout, and Kam tis never too soon for a makeover, How's the H&S work? any good?