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O/T How the hell do I get this out????

Ok just stripped the beds and washed the sheets only to find when I pulled my daughters lovely new white duvet cover out it is covered in hot pink felt tip pen which has now transfered itself onto several other bits of the duvet (lucky she's spending the night at a friends I would have killed her by now)!:eek::eek::eek:
Do any of you wise folk know how to get out felt tip pen???
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No sorry but have to say GOOD LUCK!!!! xx


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Try soaking in vanish then washing with an extra scoop of vanish as well as your washing powder. Good luck


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You could but might make it go slightly yellow. Try it on a small patch first and see what happens!

Mrs B

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You get stain devils stuff for pen. I think bleach might make it yellow. If its cotton and all else fails - dye it.
I originally tried washing up liquid (seems to work on most things!) and it did fade it quite a bit. I've now chucked it back in after trying vanish, so I'll have to wait and see the result...watch this space!:sigh:


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how did you get on with the duvet kelly?


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Use milton :) You need to time it perfectly though because you need to watch it fade or else it turns EVRYTHING blue :)
It's faded quite a bit (vanished it then washed it 3 time!!!) but it's still really obvious. The only bleach I have at the moment is coloured green so I'm going to have to wait until the morning and go down the road and get some normal bleach.
Bloody kids!!!:mad:

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