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O/T I'm feeling a bit down today...

I've been off sick for a week and a half, I fell at work on good friday and sprained my wrist and they can't rule out a small fracture. I'm due to go back tomorrow, my wrist still isn't right, still painful when I move it, and I have to wear my wrist splint otherwise my wrist is too weak. I feel so guilty about not being in work, but I don't want to make my self worse by going back before i should. I phoned occupational health to see if I can see them today, just waiting to hear back from them.

I know I'll make my wrist worse, there is so much handling and moving at work and we're short staffed too (I'm a nurse btw).

What should I do?
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I agree with you, if you go back to work too soon and your wrist isn't better, you could end up making it worse and then potentially be off work longer.

Have OH come back to you yet??

Nope, I phoned and left a message with them over an hour ago, not heard anything yet...
Hi Ruth

I work in OH for a hospital, can I just say that you don't need their approval about whether to go back to work or not, its your decision. Best thing to do is to go to your GP and get signed off.

Hope your wrist is better soon, don't rush back just because you feel guilty. Your health and wellbeing are most important.

Theresa x
hiya ruth, I dont think id go back if i wasnt 100% better. This happened me before something simmilar and i went back and only lasted an hour and had to go straight back to my doctor.

Hope you feel better soon

becky x
Hi hun, dont go back too early if your wrist isnt better as you will make it worse. Get covered by your gp and when your wrist dosent feel too bad then go back too work. You will know when you feel that you can return too work. Just take it easy and rest up hope you feel better soon xxxx
Thanks theresa, I'd just feel better if they 'sanctioned' it. I will go and see my GP too.

The OH nurse is in a clinic and will ring me back, don't know when though!
OH just phoned and said I need to see my GP, so I'm going there this afternoon...

I'm dreading what my manager says...
ruth if i was u i wont go back, and i wont give a s**t what ur boss said if ur not feeling 100% dont go back i had a fell at work last xmas and i went back knowing i wasnt 100% and i still have problems with my ankle now a year on and my gp say its because i didnt rest it when i first did ashley xx
Thanks all. GP has signed me off for another week.
rest up for the week ruth, u might do more damage if you go back earlier or strain it any more..

hope it gets better soon hun

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