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O/T Not looking 4 sympathy

but i think i need to get something off my chest. I hate myself and am not happy at a time i should be. Today was my new start and ive just ate a full pack of happy face biscuits. for some reason cannot do this :cry:Ive just got married got a lovely little boy, starting a new chapter. What the bloody hell is wrong with me why cnt i be happy
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I agree with Kristin, sometimes we are grumpy - just because. No explanation, no real reason, just low.
It happens hun.
Even when we tell ourselves how lucky we are, we still feel rubbish. You will be okay, you'll come out of it.
If I feel rubbish, I just remind myself that I still keep waking up in a morning and that's the best thing of all.
Hope you feel better soon hun. xx
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adding my bit in too...

I know how you feel, been there, done that, got several t-shirts.

I did the same thing last night - popped in to the paper shop on the way home, bought chocolate, crisps etc and scoffed the lot. Like you I don't know why I did it, I don't know what I thought I was doing. It just happened.

Deep breath, draw a line in the sand and carry on. This was just a blip, that's all.

mucho hugs

thanx guys i think theres more 2 it but dnt want to be dragged off to the docs to pop some pills. Felt like this for awhile i think today it just got on top of me


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If youve felt this way for a while then theres no shame in asking the docs for help. If taking anti depressants or something can help with youre mood then it gives you chance to think things through and work through any problems you have without that big black cloud of doom and gloom over your head. Yes you can possibly tell Ive been there lol. When things calm down you can come off the pills again and know youre in control of your feelings.
I know a lot of people think taking anti depressants is a huge thing but it isnt really. If you broke your leg you'd use a crutch to get you through the bad times and AD's are just the same.
Obviously not all bad days were things get on top of you are depression but if its getting to be more bad days than good I would think about getting help
I hope you find a way that suits you


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See I disagree with ADs and all they stand for, and I speak from experience too. Some people swear by them. Different horses for different courses hun. I say see your doctor if you're feeling miserable but ask for any remedies other than pills unless it's a last resort. How old is your baby? Could it be post natal depression?

If you need a crutch you have your husband, you're right not to want pills.


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exercise is a brilliant idea, all those lovely endorphins racing round your body cheering you up no end! :D
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Sorry you are feeling low at the moment , i can sympathise cos i have days/weeks like that having suffered from depression in different forms over the years and can only echo what the others say. I have had pills in the past but these days TBH i think herbal stuff like Kalms or rescue remedy do me just as much good. soetimes just being kind to yourself for a few days helps, forget about the diet eat and do what you feel like ,just for a few days and i often find that gets me back to normal.

I hope you do feel better soon


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Sometimes ADs do help but with counselling as well, i was one for not going to the doc and popping pills but my depression got so bad i nearly did something stupid. I am now off AD but they did help.
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I know what it is like to be depressed and it isn't easy. I think discussing it with your doctor is a good idea and he/she will be able to give you advice about pills, or counselling.

Sometimes I feel that we use food as a way of punishing ourselves and you do feel guilty about being down (given that your life is going well)... Perhaps you think you deserve to be fat, because you are not as happy as you "ought" to be?

I don't know.

But you seem nice and clearly you are loved, so do get help and keep your chin up.
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I think it would be good to talk to someone, especially as you believe there to be more to this than it just being an off-day. I can understand your reluctance to take anti-antidepressants. However, even if you are put on them (and you will not necessarily be given them), it does not have to be for ever; I know numerous people who have taken them for a short while and then come off them (without having any more problems). Big hugs, Tracy
dont really know wot to add hunny, as i can see the opinions on both sides- i worked 4 years in a physiciatric rehabilitation unit_and im not taking about raving nutcases, im talking about normal people with depression and different mental illnesses at all different levels! however i can understand your relluctance to take AD and different ppl have different opinions on these( but theirs no shame) and its so easy for people to discriminate and label people whom are on them -ie why alot of people avoid them!!and why alot more people end up commiting suicide each year because of the so called labelling-!!! only you know how u feel and if you need help hunny then seek it, in whatever form is offered! not all ADs make u zombyfied they just take the edge of your feelings to help you cope alittle
all the best sweetheart
laura xx
i managed to get a late appointment at the docs, he made me do some questions on screen and wrote a script for ad, i didnt even bother to argue he was awful barely even looked at me. Anyhow its stuffed in the drawer. This afternoon i wrote my hubby a letter with all my feelings. He burst into tears and has been really supportive although he was miffed i hadnt said something sooner. Hes suggested he will do sw with me and when jacks asleep will sit with me and plan for week. Said we will do one battle at a time. Thank u guys for EVERYTHING XXX


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If you can get a copy from the library, read the 'head stuff' bit of Pig to Twig. The eating plan is RUBBISH, but those ladies really have a good grasp on why we do what we do!

I sometimes think there's a lot of pressure on people (well, women!) to feel 'happy' when they have a new family and no-one is ill and there's no immediate crisis, and people end up feeling really guilty for feeling any kind of discontentment - and then they feel bad - and then they feel more guilty, and so the cycle can go on. Remember, you're not just a wife and mother, and you're allowed to feel a bit peeved with life sometimes.

Does that make any sense? I'll shut up now. What do I know anyway.
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I know when I was going through a marriage break up, I probably should have had ADs, with hindsight. Glad I didn't now though. It was definitely exercise that stopped me tipping over the edge though. Last thing I wanted to do, but a lot of pentup frustration and unhappiness was taken out on that treadmill. I couldn't walk a couple of miles withut getting out of breath to start off with but it's something that can be build up so quickly. Within weeks I was running 10k in an hour, and coming out feeling so much better. It did become a bit of an addiction, and I used to feel bad if I missed some, but it really kept me sane. My local council gym had a creche, and of course it also gave me a much needed hour to myself. That's another thing us Mums feel guilty about needing. However, no matter how much you love your son, and how fantastic a Mum you are, you DO need time without him. Big hugs to you.



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I am so glad that you have spoken to your hubby. It must be a huge relief, and wonderful that he supports you.
(((hugs))) and I hope you will feel much better soon.
Wonderful advice from all here. Can't say more.
Please remember also, that there is huge support here.
Thanks to all of u from the bottom of my heart, your support has been overwhelming. I feel a bit more positive after getting it off my chest. The days planned out for both of us and because he finishes early on a friday we are going for along walk up rivington ( weather permitting). I go to uni for my induction on Monday so going to use that as some me time and when it finishes at 2 going to go into Manchester for some retail therapy. Thanx again everyone


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Im glad you adn hubby have had a good chat about things and he's going to be supporting you. Im sorry about your doc though. I have to admit with having ME I tend to get weepy and my doc went through a phase of just offering me AD's which at the time I didnt need (later I did but another story lol) I'd heard about cbt as a treatment for ME and asked for that. My doc was dismissive but put me forward and you know it really helped. Stick to your guns and ask for what you think might help you.
Have fun at rivington. Do you do the tower walk or the lake one? I prefer the lake as most times I can get back to the car park from there lol

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