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O/T - Off to Diiiiisssnnneeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!

We're off to Disneyland Paris first thing in the morning. Only going for 3 days but we're going to fit in as much as possible while we're there! :D

I'm hoping i'm going to be able to be 'good' food-wise while we're there... but our hotel restaurant is buffet all-you-can-eat and it's things like nachos, fajitas etc (mexican)... BUT they also do salads and fish etc.. so i'm hoping to stick to the good stuff :D

Plus all that walking (i reckon we walked a minimum of 10-15 miles a day when we were there before) should combat some of it!

See you when i get back! :D xx
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have a wicked break and which hotel offers all you can eat buffet might be worth a look and see how much for my nippers. Are you flying? Enjoy hun xx
thanks hun :D

we're going by eurostar as we're so close to the station (only about 45 mins away)..

all the disney hotels do all-you-can-eat buffets i think... possibly with the exception of the actual disney hotel?

certainly the santa fe and the cheyenne do anyway (and they're the two cheapest hotels too!) :)

there's a reeeeeally good deal going on at the moment if you book by nov 15th (i think it's nov 15th anyway)

you book the holiday through www.disneylandparis.co.uk (click on 'package' on the bottom right hand corner) and you get ALL your meals free! :D

you get the normal all-you-can-eat breakfast that's always included when you stay at a disney hotel, plus you get lunch vouchers (which you can use at various places within disneyland), plus you get vouchers for dinner (again, to be used at various places within disneyland, including the all-you-can-eat buffets at the hotels).

we've done a quote for the beginning of march (1st-5th) for a surprise for DD's birthday and for the hotel for 4 nights, 5 days' worth of park hopper tickets, breakfast lunch and dinner... it works out at £584 for ALL FOUR of us!

you then have to pay for transport on top but the whole thing for us will still be under £900 :)

if you're going to book eurostar i recommend you don't book it through disneyland, but book direct through eurostar separately as it works out almost twice as expensive if you don't book it direct!!!

omg beki just went and had a look for 18th march for 3 nights flying, meals for me and two kids it was only 757 if only had cash i would of booked that and that included shuttle transfers staying at santa fe, might have to hint to mumsie now lolol

oh yeah and tickets to both parks didnt no they had too lol i reckon going monday is cheaper i suppose might see how much for 4 nights.

Oh bummer david crockett was looking at now for 4 nights but they dont offer transport from there to the parks grrr how long is it to walk
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i think a lot of people see disneyland as being soooooo expensive, and in high season it is. but we only ever go in low season (usually january) so it's actually cheaper than us going for a week's self catering in spain or somewhere! :)

unfortunately the davy crocket ranch is only really drive-able to and from the parks :( i suppose you could get a taxi? (most of the hotels do a taxi service).

i'd love to stay at the davy crockett ranch - it looks so fun! :D and the log cabin etc would give such a cosy feel! :D

we stayed at the cheyenne last time and the time before and i'd thoroughly recommend it! you really feel like you're in the wild west - so much so that OH didn't take his cowboy hat off the whole time we were there except for when he was in bed :rotflmao:

when i win the lottery i'm going to stay at the sleeping beauty suite in the disneyland hotel. it's only about £3000 per night :p :rotflmao:
ooh.. and yes, there are two parks! :D the disneyand park and the disneyland studios :D

if you go to www.dlrpmagic.com and click on the forum link at the top of the page you'll find LOADS and loooooads of info, pics etc about the parks and people's trip reports with loads of photos in them usually (including mine :eek: lol) :D

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