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O/T - OH, Grr!

My Oh is the sort of bloke heats all day every day whatever he wants and stays perfectly slim, so you can imagine my annoyance on a dailey basis, now usually he doesnt ever seem to get full. only occasionally does this happen.

Today Oh came home, at 5. he immediatly went on the ps3... and stayed there. I began cooking his tea. home made spag bowl and sw potatoe wedges.

i went up to see him as the pasta was cooking ( and told him, that the pasta was cooking)
and he carried on playing, barely looks at me. Then as i call him and set the table as its all ready, he comes down, tells me he's not hungry as im just melting his cheese.. and walks out, back on the ps3!!!

Argh. So iv stormed around morrisons ina strop.. (btw morrisons are doing mullers for 25p!)

and now he thinks im going to follow him to his parents a 40 min motorway drive away when he finally etars himself from that darn ps3!! Dont think so!!!

grrrrrr!!!! :mad::mad::mad:

rant over.

ooft! x
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and as we speak my OH is sitting playing his XBox about 1metre from the screen lol. He eats nothing but rubbish at work and still loses, so yes, I know how you feel!!! *hugs* xx


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Oh hun, my BF just bought an X Box and likes to sit on GTA4 for hours at a time.

But he does make up for it. Just now he saw I had no socks on and went and got a pair of his own, came in and put them on my feet for me.

Your BF needs a short sharp dig. :/
My OH is always on his Xbox, playing and chatting to his mates (on their headsets). It does get annoying, especially if he huffs and puffs when I speak to him and says I got him "killed". Men.

If I cook dinner though, he stops and we watch a film while he eats it (he takes ages to eat a meal, which is one reason why he is thin). He chats then and he is almost human. Bless.

Then he goes back on his Xbox and I trawl the internet dating sites, in the hope of finding someone less boring.


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Next time I think you should either just make your own tea, or put your coat on and say your going out with the girls.
Or (because my youngest tends to relax on the pc after work,) him and S.O. have negotiated a time he is allowed to do it, then HE cooks tea! (I taught him to cook!)


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A few Christmases ago, my OH spent all day for two whole days on his playstation. I mean from morning to bedtime. Right over the Christmas holiday. I found there was no point in trying to discuss it as I just got a childish strop. So I just found things to do and got stuck in to a mega blitz on the kitchen, I mean inside and out, cupboards, pan shelf, fridge, top of the cupboards, windows... if it was in the kitchen it got cleaned. He sat playing his F1 games on the playstation non-stop the whole time. On the evening of the second day when I was sitting looking at my gleaming kitchen, he came in and started a blazing row with me because he felt "neglected" and all I cared about was cleaning the kitchen. I was stunned... and OMG, was I angry.

We don't live together any more.
he came in and started a blazing row with me because he felt "neglected" and all I cared about was cleaning the kitchen.
I can just imagine a bloke reacting like that. What he wanted was for you to sit watching him, in silence (speaking might distract him) and hopefully with a facial expression denoting admiration and wonderment at his skills. He would probably have liked you to do that topless, in his ideal world.

If you are bored and have a man handy, try this simple experiment:

1) Sit in a room, with a man, and gaze into space. Keep your hands folded in your lap and a vacant expression on your face. He will ignore you.

2) Now pick up a newspaper and pen. Begin to do the crossword, really look as engrossed in it as you can. He will immediately find a way to get your attention. He might develop a sudden illness that requires your help. He might start juggling. He might decide he wants you to fetch him a cup of tea. He might complain that you are "always doing bloody crosswords".

The experiment isn't really of any use but it is funny to see how far they will go, or how many angles they will try, to get attention.

(EDIT: I mean to stop your attention being on anything other than them.)
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Or...another suggestion...hide the X-Box/PS3 until they can actually have a conversation with you..or remove the fuse from the plugs.
That is so rude! My Hubby goes on Facebook and plays other games on the internet when all the other things have been done around the house first. We have a 3 year old too that takes up our time together, but once she is in bed, tea eaten, dishes etc tidied away, then we either watch tv together, talk or he goes on pc and I read.
ohhhhh fern hun ss, men are just men with there toys, my son is a ps3 addict and you no what works, the switch on your electric meter if he is upstairs and i say OOOPPPS something switched it off and i blame a bulb blowing hahaha works everytime :). Hope you feel much better, get yourself a wii and sit downstairs playing on that and ignore him see if he likes it, see im single and if a guy was like that i would play hard to get and they dont like it hence me being single cos im just a cow haha, im so glad they have these boards so we can come on here to get some advice, chin up hun and next time ill come and eat his tea, i love speg bolo mmmmm :)
Hehe, all good suggestions, but i'm afraid i turned off the ps3 a few days back when he'd left the room.... he asked me if i had when he'd discovered it, and i denied it. Unfortunatly i must have done it at a critical time in the game because he just 'had' to start the whole game again to fix what i had done. wtf!!!!??? backfired on me big time that one.

he still didnt eat his tea, its in the fridge. . yet funnily enough last week he came home and told me he'd felt neglected because i hadnt cooked him a home made meal all week because i'd been out (took my mum out! :O lol.. and had girly drinks at the pub) and he couldnt work out how to use anything in the kitchen himself and had to rely on maccy d's (worst excuse everrr).. so i went to morrisons, spent loads of money and made sure he had a meal when he came home every night the following week.. and back to the ps3 he went. Cant win!!!!!!!! LOL

grrrrr.. little less mad today but he did upset and i ended up going to bed by half 8/9 in a strop lol!! x
Give him last night's tea today. Dont waste it!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
LOL! Send for an Anne Summers catalogue! (I couldn't type what I wanted to say! Lord! I'm getting a wicked old woman!)

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