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O/T Own language!

Does anyone have words that they've made up/that are weird that they use with a certain person or is it just me!?

Like me and my OH will say 'is the bath flupt?' (full up) or we say 'are you going bo bos?' (to sleep) thers more but i cant think of them now

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lol! we'll see if anyone else comes up with any x


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If somethings not straight i say its on a wonk, don't think iv'ed heard anyone else use this before. xxx


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I have a daft habbit, it started when i was younger and i used to hang out with all my cousins. i just added ug to everything, like my cousin jenny, i call her jugs and i call my brother ug and cousin liz is lug. It is really daft and i'm so embarrassed about posting this but it has stuck. To this day jen is jugs and my whole family now call my brother ug. My oh has the same name as my brother and he has been ug too since we started out together. My aunts dog sally has also been christened suggs ha ha. I'm so embarrassed now:eek:


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Iv got loads and for the love of me I cannot think what they are!


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My hubby is West Indian and he has loads of funny words. If one of the kids bang their heads he says they have a "bocky" head. He says that silly things are "yampy" We call custard "cootard" and mustard is "mootard". Pudding is "Coogings" and Dinner is "Ninner", I would go on but I am embarassing myself now. :D
we used to call aunty sil natty but cant remember y .And i called my best friend when i was young noo nan that was before mork and mindy days lol I have loads as well .mardy is when the kids have cut them selves or fallen .Will have to think of some more .
If somethings not straight i say its on a wonk, don't think iv'ed heard anyone else use this before. xxx
Yep we used this one too - but we say something's wonky. :D Must be a Merseyside thing lol!

We also used to say bo-bo's to the kids when they were babies. We use mardy to mean someone is upset, whether they're sulky or tearful.

We also have a few of our own made up words that have been used in the family for years and years. When Chris was a toddler, if he didn't know the name of something he would ask "What's that kibby Mummy?" So if we can't remember the name of a thing it's now called a kibby lol! Although in Liverpool most people say thingy. :D

Got a jumper with bobbles on it? We call them boodles in our house. :D
Just remembered my friends little girl calls the tv a tellyon cause peeps always say should we have the telly on lol and it what she thought it was .
We also call a car a pop pop only to the kids tho lol
lol - defo not just me then?! xxx
i dont think i dare admit some of the things we say in our family lol. Eyebok is eyeball. We all talk in pigeon to each other too which can be confusing for others lol.
Just had to respond to this thread!

My o/h and me use 'flup' instead of 'full up' too!

I think there are things that relate to where you are from as people who aren't from Bristol don't say 'scrage' your knee or 'smooth' the dog! There are others too that I didn;t even realise were Bristolian!
ha flupt could be added to the dictionary!!! xx
My cornish other half says "where's it to?" instead of where is it? and lots of other strange little phrases that I can't think of right now! I am slowly picking them up after living here for 13 years myself, and being with him for 8 :)

Oh he says "give the dog a smoothing" too :D

Just thought of a joint one - we call gloves 'glubs', and slippers 'slipper sloppers' lol!

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