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O/T Show Off Your Fun In The Snow


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thought we could have a thread where we show off our pictures of us in the snow.
Could be showing our gardens, or snowmen, or just us out and about etc!

For me, I'm showing off my garden and theres a picture of me with Ethan. He seemed totally uninterested with the snow lol! I'm sure as he gets older, he'll be excited more then.

Oh and I noticed, I look so much slimmer in the face which is fab, just need to sort the hair out! haha!
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They look great!! I have taken some too but i am too thick to know how to put them on here, so Joe said he will do it for me tomorrow.. They are not as good as yours though! x x x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
at the bottom of the thread, click on post reply, then click on the paperclip and just follow the things on the thing...lol! I don't know how to describe it, so am left to call them thingymajigs! :D
omg ethan is so cute,,,& his mommy is looking good too,,,
DSCF1139.jpg DSCF1142.jpg DSCF1147.jpg DSCF1145.jpg

If this comes out wrong i am blaming Abbie!!! lol
As you can see my dog is more excited than my kids!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
haha Su....you were saying??? lol! Blame me?? :p haha! Lovely pics hun :D:D

Great pics too Molly, looks like you have tons of snow there. :D
Great pics guys ...... I am at work right now...if i get a chance then will post some.


addicted to minimins!!
looks like some kids had fun writing on cars lol.... so much here ,,!! xx




addicted to minimins!!
how annoying is this.... have a big exam tomorrow at 3pmin college.... all other colleges are closed tomorrow , ours is closed until 12pm tomorrow....grr...they better text us and tell us theyre closed so i can actually go out and play in the snow instead of studying :D nice pics molly..youve got loads there!x
More snow overnight it's over the top of my wellies. No work, no school I love snow days xx
OMG Bev.. you are mental!!! pmsl x x x
I know I must be mental Sue.
It's my youngest daughters fault she keeps dragging me out in it, last year she was to ill to go in the snow so she's making up for it this year lol x :D
I've been ill so only venturing outside to do the horses and walk the dogs...

Incidentally, they're usually snuggled up in cosy rugs, but I thought they'd like a bit of fresh air... only MY horse would decide that's a good time for a roll.
They are gorgeous looking horses Bren x x


Fighting for My Health
Fab pics :) We haven't really had any snow. A couple of inches last Friday, that's still hanging about as ice. Although it did start raining about an hour ago, so I'm hoping it'll all be washed away by morning. I love snow, but not ice! xx

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