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This is it!
After months of being messed around by the agency that I work for, I've decided that I'm going to leave. Not the easiest descision I've ever made, but I've done it. I love the people I work with, my boss and even the work, but I've come to the conclusion (beliveing that everything happens for a reason) that this was the push I need to get back into a more community based project doing the same kinda job, but I don't want to leave this job until I get another, of which I've applied for 2 that I really want.

My only worry is that my boss is arriving back from a lovely 2 weeks holiday in Florida to be greated with this news. When I took the contract, he asked me what my career plans were and I said no idea. He said as long as we were honest with each other, then that was the most important thing.

So my plea for advise is how do I let him know what I'm doing without making him upset (and me for that matter)?

Any advise really really welcome!
I would say: don't say anything to anyone until you have another job and you're ready to leave.

Then make sure your boss hears it first, from you.

People move on and everyone is replaceable.

But leaving a job where the people are friends can make you feel sad and disloyal, but you'll still be friends right?

Good luck :)
I think what you do next depends on whether you have given your current boss as a referee for the 2 jobs that you have already applied for. If so you will have to tell him asap. You have said you will be honest with each other and that's all you're trying to do. If you haven't used his name yet I would bide my time until something more definite comes along.

You have to be true to yourself and staying in a job just so as not to upset people isn't in your best interest. It is awkward but once the news is out, the worst is over and you can move on.

Good Luck, Melissa
I agree with sp30, but took me a long time to learn this approach.:eek:

Doesn't have to be nasty. As sp30 says, tell the boss first.

Sounds like you're doing the right thing by leaving and in the workplace you do need to look after yourself (actually...come to think of it, I'm still on chapter 1.5 with that:eek:)