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Slimming down the aisle


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looks fab.. keep up the good work


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they look great! are you fundraising for any reason? .. poster and ticket looks FAB! :)



Slimming down the aisle
Well I wanted to organise an event, for the experience as it's what I do at uni and what I want to do. I love the idea of a ball personally, so thought it was a good choice. But I had a pretty personal reason for choosing Cancer Research specifically.

In 2000 my grandmother died of cancer, she had a tumour on the base of her spine, and the cancer spread. It was all very quick, 4 weeks from start to finish. So I know first hand how cancer devastates the lives of not only sufferers, but of those around them and that’s why I wanted to raise funds for Cancer Research. If I can do just a little bit to help, then I’ll be happy, that's how I see it.

I initially set my target as £1000, which is enough to fund 4 microarrays which scientists use to compare how active different genes are in cancer cells and healthy cells. I’m thinking about changing my target to £2500 which to give you an idea of how it can help is half the cost of running a three week large scale clinical trial testing whether a drug called celecoxib can help to prevent bladder cancer from returning after treatment. As you can probably tell, it’s something that’s actually quite important to me, so I really want to do this well.

I'd be happy with £1000, but if I can get £2500, even better! I'm going to try and find some corporate sponsors for the event to cover some of the costs and so increase how much goes to Cancer Research.

I might set myself a challenge. That over the next year I want to raise £5800 for Cancer Research, which is the total cost of that 3 week trial. So I'll do the ball. Maybe another event aimed at students at uni. A sponsored... skydive or something. God, I couldn't do that. But something, I don't know. I just want as few people to have to go through it as possible.


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Such a worthwhile cause. Well done for doing this!

Tickets and poster look great, just one thing though, it doesn't really stand out that the charity is Cancer Research...


Slimming down the aisle
No I realised that, I've added in a big logo saying in aid of cancer research but realised that I didn't resave the jpeg files, so it's not showing on the poster that I uploaded, but I have added it!


Slimming down the aisle
Thanks guys, glad you like them!

I've got to change them a bit now as I think my venue is changing to Aston Villa Football Club who have offered me free use of one of their beautiful newly refurbished suites! And I think their catering is slightly cheaper. So just confirming some things with them first. It's getting exciting now!

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