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o/t work advice

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at the moment I work in a shop 16 hrs a week. I've been there 5 years and get on with everyone but it isn't gonna go anywhere.
I also have 2 children 8 and 1. I work at night so I get to spend all day with my youngest but I hardly see my eldest cause I start before she gets in from school and I get back after shes gone to bed. I work 5 days a week so only see her at weekends.
my husband works part time to he does 25hrs we get same amount of working tax as him just doing full time and me staying at home.
I have been told (and checked the facts) that if I stop working we will be better off money wise and figure wise it does look that way.
my problem is i have worked since being 16 (i'm 30 now) no gaps and it feels wrong to me just hand in my notice to not go to another job and to claim benefits (housing and ct) but we would be better off money wise.
if I increase my hours they reduce my working tax so I will be no better off.
the other thing is I want a careea once my youngest goes to school and abit of a break would allow me time to decide what I want to do and study if I need to.
would do you think I should do?
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I know what you mean, but think carefully about what career you would like to have and what you need to do to get you there......courses.....extra qualifications, how often do these jobs come up etc. Then you will at least have some direction to help you decide what to do. Does your local college have a nursery for youngest if you needed to go there? Good luck in whatever you want to do :)
Tax credits can be a bit of a pain when you change circumstances, keep copies of everything and details of any calls you make..........I kept them informed of every change, but they say someone told them(incorrectly) that my ex moved out 10 months before he did and now want all last years money back! I have appealed, but they say they did nothing wrong.
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Why don't you do a course at college, that way you'll be getting a qualification for when your children are older & you've got the time to put in to a career. At this moment in time I'd put your family first. If it means staying at home, then I'd do it. But if you really feel you need 'to do something' I'd go to college.

Don't forget to let us know what you decide to do:D And don't feel guilty about giving up your PAID employment, being a full-time mum isn't the easy option!


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I think they do a years pre college course to prepare you for what you want to do. Contact your local college, they will have careers advice there too. And remember you will get NI credits towards your pension if you're bringing up a child. Don't feel guilty, time spent with your children when they are young can never be reclaimed.


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sorry but I do not agree with people who have jobs but JUST because they will be better off they decide to stay at home and sponge off the state. Its all down to pride, so what if you have less money you can obviously afford your bills so hold your head high and carry on, if your not happy with your current job find another or go to college?
Sorry probably not what you want to hear but I am a single parent of 4 who works every hour god sends to keep everything going and I am proud of not living off the state!
what about trying for one of the grants you can have to do a college course.I would usually agree with Snuggle but if your husband is going from part time to full time then you are not sponging off the state.It sounds to me like you are trying to better yourself and get a better life for you and the children. Just make sure the maths add up and go for something that will help you make a career afterwards. Good luck
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thank you for all your advice, i do need to do something college wise I think or I will forever be in a job I can't earn enough to break out of child tax credit loop


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Sorry if I have read your post wrong, I didnt think your husband was going on full time as you said that you would be better off with you not working and i presumed that meant with him continuing the part time hours. Apologies if I got the wrong end of the stick.

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