Oat Cakes have saved my afternoon gorging - honest!

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by edd2712, 24 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. edd2712

    edd2712 Member

    I bought a box of oat cakes while out for a healthy food shop and though they might come in handy when im grabbing at anything non diet during my afternoon trolly dash (when im in the kitchen making the kids tea I tend to go pear shaped).

    I have got to say I wasn't expecting these oat cakes to taste like a cake or anything nice for that matter but they have well and truely filled me up and stopped me binging during my 3 - 5 danger time.

    Has anyone else tried them - honestly they taste fine and really do fill you up. I got the thin ones and there great for just snacking on - them and the special K snacks are keeping me in line.

    Sorry for rant just thought id share it.
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  3. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    Yeah, they're great. Porridge is dead filling too, and not that high in cals if you make it with water/skimmed milk.
  4. heartagram

    heartagram Member

    Yay Porridge :D I had it this morning for the first time in well over a month, mixing it with water as well as having my protein shake. Breakfast of Kings
  5. i love mixing mine with chopped banana....soooo scrummy!!
  6. edd2712

    edd2712 Member

    The oat so simples are great make up with water aswell as saving the cals in the milk they also taste gorgeous.

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