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oats so simple

i point all the sachets as 3 including your milk xxx
How much semi skimmed milk are we allowed in a day please. I'm on 20 points a day. I've had 60g of sultana bran with ss milk this morning and my calculator said 6pts!!! Is that right? :eek: Thanks.

you can have as much as you like, if its within your points. However semi skimmed milk is much higher in points than normal milk - 1/4pt is 1 point, so if you use 1/2pt then its 2 points, and 60g sultana bran would probably be 3 or 4 i'm guessing?
I thought I'd replied to this, I'm having a bad day and it's not 10am yet! :D Anyway, thanks Black Widow for that, you mean full fat milk is lower in points than ss???? I had 60g of sultana bran this morning cos 30g wasn't enough and I got the points by looking at the cals for 30g and doubling it and then used my calculator. I thought this would get easier but my head is spinning!!!


no no, sorry normal milk to me is skimmed.. thats what i meant! :p sorry for the confusion there!

and yeah, i eat 60g of cereal too xxx
LOL, I thought that was a good diet!!! Can't be doing with skimmed milk!! All I ever used to eat was biscuits and cr*p and nibble away on whatever I had in all day so I'm trying to be good!!!! I did lose over a stone on WW once about 6 years ago. I've had a WW cereal bar and my sultana bran this morning but I'm still hungry. By now I'd be in the biscuit tin!!! :cry:


Hiya Chucks!!
Hi Full Fat milk is 8 points for a pint.
Semi is 4 points for a pint.
Skimmed is 2 points for a pint.

Sachet of PLAIN oats so simple is 1½ points.

I measure out my pint of skimmed milk on a morning and use it for my cereal and drink etc throughout the day.
Ive just started having the oats so simple this week for my brekiand really like it.
Good Luck.
Ah thanks, I've been looking everywhere to see what a pint of ss milk is! I love the oats so simple but have the syrup one so I suppose knowing my luck that's higher in points!!! I'm always hungry, I used to eat two satchets of those!!! :(


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya thats exactly what i said last week to my friend who has the oats ev day!!

Went shopping the other day and it was on offer with 18 sachets in the box.
made sure it was the plain one and have had it every morning this week.

Give the skimmed a try,i was a gold top girl before!!It is nice in the oats,i just have granulated sweetner on mine now but used to have golden syrup on.
Someone at my WI was talking about a new milk out called "one" it thicker than skimmed but not as many points as semi??
Not just me then wants more than one! lol Now you mention it, my leader at ww said something about this 'one' milk but it was really busy and everyone was chatting and I didn't hear properly. It's my age!!!! I'll have a look in tesco, I will have a go with skimmed milk but......:eek: I can't have the golden syrup flavoured one then?? Hopeit all gets clearer soon, I'm totally confused!


Hiya Chucks!!
Yes of course you can have the golden syrup one-i think its 2points per sachet(dont quote me on that though).

You can have whatever you want its up to you how you spend your points-i prefer to use more in the evening when i like to snack!!LOL
Good Luck.xx
theyre all 2pts a sachet :) and sainsburys do their own "one" milk, which is orange topped instead of red, green or blue.. and you can get it in all sizes from 1pt to 4pts - its got half the fat of semi skimmed but tastes just like it x
theyre all 2pts a sachet :) and sainsburys do their own "one" milk, which is orange topped instead of red, green or blue.. and you can get it in all sizes from 1pt to 4pts - its got half the fat of semi skimmed but tastes just like it x
Are you on commision from oats so simple and sainsburys?
i dont know.. ive always pointed it as semi, sorry!

and Manny, no but i'm proud of sainsburys and so i will push their products above other supermarkets :p but i should maybe get paid for what i do haha :p
that's great! I love them!!
Thanks for that, my friend came and she's only just gone and I'm a childminder so had to feed the kids!!! I will definitely get some of that One milk just to try it. If I could have what I wanted during the day, my 20 points would go really quickly on biscuits and some chocolate lol

I've just had 2 slices ww bread with a really thin spreading of mayo (full fat stuff!) which I used instead of Anchor Light but the butter might be better and some chicken and tomatoes. Now I want biscuits!!!!!!

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