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Observations about the diet....

Everyday I read questions about what is 'allowed' or not from CD, and how people have a bit of this and a bit of that and feel naughty or not....
This on top of a chat I had with another CD'er today got me thinking...

Thing is CD has been forumulated to provide the fastest possible weightloss in the safest way... to gain these results and to diet safely, we have to do it the way they want us to do it in the book....
Even then, we can't dictate what our own bodies will do.... some weeks we might lose 1lb whilst ss or ss+'ing and some weeks we might lose 5lb.. but over all we will lose...
I don't think we should think of being bad when we decide to walk off the path slightly, as long as we are aware that we may prolong our journey a little! It might not happen, but it might!!
I don't think we should think of being good or bad, as we are trying to re educate ourselves. What I think we should maybe be doing, is saying... "Ok I have read that little booklet" (I think a lot of people maybe don't)... "Iunderstand exactly what I can and can't have on SS, ss+, 810 or whatever"... "I am either choosing to do it that way or deviating a little"... If we choose to deviate, then we accept it may or may not prolong the journey, but neither way is good or bad...

I also think that if we have chosen a different path then we have made that decision for ourselves and it will affect us in the way it does. Each person who has a bit of whatever in addition to what is allowed in the book, will be affected differently. We should never presume that because it didn't affect A,B or C that it won't affect us. We have to choose whether to have something based purely on how much we want it and how much patience we are prepared to have if our weight loss slows down. And to absolutely be sure that we are having it and know what the consequences maybe, and not based on anyone elses experience.

Anyway these were my thoughts whilst I was watching my son swim tonight..
I suppose in a way I am constantly analysing why I am doing this, How I have managed to stay 100% and how I have managed to do this so long... almost 3 months! It is sometimes the easiest diet in the world and sometimes the hardest!
On another note, I was stood next to a lady in the baths tonight, our sons started lessons together. I havent seen her for about 6 weeks as Our other halfs sometimes take the boys... anyway I nodded and said hi, and she nodded and turned away... I said.. XX is getting on really well.. she looked at me and said... OMG I didn't recognise you... you look lovely! It was such a nice thing to hear and certainly makes this a day where this diet is worthwhile :D

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Well said Tilly and congrats on the compliment. It's always fab to hear nice things from others. You deserve it xxx


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Echo above, and great compliment. Feels good, doesnt it. motivates you even more.....


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I quite agree Tilly and i am often guilty of doing it too when i know full well that CD doesnt allow ANYTHING unless its in the book! Shouldnt even ask the questions really! lol. I have my head round it now and just dont even think about it (loving the shakes with crushed ice too much to think about it! lol)

Your doing super hun and well done on the compliment! :)


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Fantastic post Tilly, you nailed it there!! ;)

It's fabulous to hear about the comment, it does lift the spirit to hear a genuine, 'OMG i didn't recognise you' comment.

Your hard work and determination will get you where you want to go and i agree completely that you are looking great!!:D



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Yes girl. You have said what I have been thinking but put it more clearly. Thank you.

It's wonderful to get those compliments. I can't wait until I lose some more noticable weight. I love the compliments from my husband the most.


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Good post Tilly and look forward to those compliments keep on rolling in!


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Yup, I am one of those souls who even a minor deviation from the food side of it really throws me off plan. My weight loss suffers and I find it really hard to get back on track. Its like the kiss of death for me.


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Great post.......I feel I needed a plan with very few grey areas and very set rules....that's the beauty of CD SS.......it is very plain and clearly laid out, you are either on it or not. No messing with portion sizes, adding a bit of this or that as no food at all. For now it's what i need and will re evaluate further down the line. Best wishes for all the compliments to come as well Tilly.


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Tilly-I think you are icemoose in disguise!! reads very much like one of his posts/newsletters!! great post.

I chose to deviate from plan.. ok,go totally off it today, with hindsight I know this was a bad move but I will learn from it. Thing is-I'm chosing to get back on track from now on. I posted on one of your threads the other day about how 810 was going well and not to worry about it- Still dont worry!-I'm sure you'll be fine but for me by the end of my week I just really paniced and thought aaaahhh! back to SS, better eat everything in sight.bad move but it's in the past and thats where it will stay, all a learning curve! x


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great thread tilly this is exactly the mind set I have restarted with, I am in control and it's my decision to eat or have CD that way I am not feeling guilty as I know the impact of eating, I am learning to be in control an example is this weekend I am away on a spa break and have decided to eat over the weekend, but I am not worried about it as I know I will make healthy choices as I don't feel guilty or like I have failed just that I have made the decision and I understand that my journey will take a little longer as a result, but I'm in this for the long haul until I resolve my issues around food.

Love reading your posts you're a real inspiration. Thanks and keep posting x

Julie W

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Well said.
I did SS 100% for about the first 5 weeks. Since then I've had one or two small meals (low carb) every week, mainly at the weekend. It's the only way I could stick with the diet and would have probably packed it in by now. I've never felt as though I've cheated or failed because I've discussed this with my CDC and stayed in control when making my choices. I'm happy with my losses so far and have even lost weight on my 810 week!

I'm not advocating that everyone should do the diet my way, just commenting on how it's working for me. Everyone is different and finds their own path through.

I've finished my 810 week now and am back to continuing with the diet in my own way. It's my anniversary on Saturday (17 years!) so OH (who has also just started CD) are going out for a meal to celebrate. I will enjoy the evening and will not feel guilty at all because I know I will stay in control.

Good luck to everyone, whichever path you choose.

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