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Obsession with scales


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Oh I was mega obsessed...still am to some extent....my advice is to get rid of them NOW....they only warp your mind luv!


Focused & goin for goal!
I weigh every day, first thing in the morning :rolleyes:
I know I shouldn't but I just cant help it! I've tried putting them away but it always gets the better of me.
Ooof, I was obsessed big time, did my own head in, hide em!!! I only weigh in twice a week now, was every day at first, then once a week, coz got dh to hide em!!!!


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Me to!! Every single day im on the damn things!! Sarahxx.
I am not weighing at home at all, just at my meetings. I think I am scared I will be disappointed and get discouraged. I aim to weigh once a week once I have finished the programme to monitor if I am maintaining.


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Yep - we all do it, whatever diet no matter how hard we try not to! I am currently on a break from cal counting and in theory not weighing more than once a month. Its all I can do to limit it to once a DAY!:eek:
Go figure - self destruct or what?

Love Barb xxx
My H2be threw mine out of the window on day 3 :eek:



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I weighed myself at least twice a day when i started. Although they do say to weigh yourself everyday in the first week as you tend to lose 1lb a day, so its an incentive.

However in week 2 i gave the scales to my sis as the weight no longer comes off like that, i now only weigh once a week when i go to my cdc. Much better that way, i also say get rid of them.
I got rid of my scales the day I started cd because otherwis I knew I'd be weighing everyday. It was TBH the best thing I ever did. I don't stress anymore and get (usually!!) a nice surprise on my CDC scales once a week,



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LOL thanks everyone least I know I'm not the only crazy one:crazy: . Has anyone weighed themselves b4 and after a shower, well I have and I was 3lbs lighter after the shower and I shower everyday I didn't think I was that dirty heehee!!:hide:


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Yeah I was obsessed too, weighing myself every day sometimes twice a day, sad eh?
Me mam used to go mad as it used to affect my mood especially if I had put on that day.
My brother has started to cut down & he was weighing himself after he had been for a wee, lol, u think I may have rubbed off on him.. :rolleyes:
im an obsessive weigher!! i weigh myself when i get up, everytime i go into the bathroom reali (like a pee is going to affect my weight or something) before i go to bed...i even change my clothes to see if it makes a difference lol im not a crazy person just slightly unhinged! :D:D:D:D:D

so my advice is GET RID OF THE SCALES!!!


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My hubby hid my scales but I was like a child at christmas time and searched them out

I keep really trying to not weigh me and just go to Anne on a Friday ~ good in theory does not work

I need my hubby to chuck them out of the window tooooooo!!!

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