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October Newbie


Getting her sparkle back
Hi Dolly!
Well if you are looking for support you have definitely come to the right place! :)

I started LL in June, and am now on Week 5 of Route to Management (the reintroduction to food program you follow after you've finished total), and i'm two pounds off losing my 5 stone, so you'll get there in no time!

There are lots of people in the 'September Starters' thread and i'm sure there will be more new people starting in October.
Good luck on your 'lighter life journey'!

Thanks Hannah. Wow thats an amazing achievement to have nearly lost 5 stone, like i say thats my target as well and its just good to come and see other peoples experiences and success. Ive found the packs fine so far and got through the big family sunday lunch which i was dreading and had to keep all my willpower but i just feel very focused and like the LL counselor said its best to take one day at a time and not focus on long term goal else it can be intimidating. Well done on your success again! x

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Hi Dolly ,
welcome to our friendly group. Im doing LL total and am now on week 8. Ive found everyone supportive and helpful. Look forward to sharing your journey with you. Good luck Dolly. x
Nutty x
Hi Nutty
How have you found being on total for 8 weeks? Im just taking it day at a time at the moment as i have 5 stone to lose. How are you feeling? Have you struggled at all or do you just get into a routine of it? Thanks x
Welcome Dolly! I'm on LL total - week 6 for me! You'll find this forum very supportive and inspirational.....everyone is very friendly!
Good luck on your journey, i've got probably 5 stone to lose (until i'm a healthy BMI, but i'm doing 14 weeks then hoping to lose more when i am on RTM and continue to lose whatever is left by healthy eating!

I have to agree, i take it one day at a time too - i find that works!


is Magdalicious
Hi Dolly and welcome!

I'm on week 8 too and doing great so far.
This forum is great and the support is amazing!
We are all here for each other and that includes you!
Good luck on your journey hun. Hopefully you have those dreaded first 4 days behind you now!
Hi Dolly!

I just started LL yesterday- first day was tough but got through it :) but keeping positive about everything... It can be done!

How's your first week been?

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Hi dolly,
Sorry did not get back sooner , the support on here has been brilliant. Im now into my 9th week and at times it has been challenging and I did have times that i doubted i would manage 14 weeks of abstinence. At 9 weeks I can not believe how quickly it has gone. Once you have done a few weeks and see the weight dropping off it motivates you more. On my fridge i have a chart 100 - 1 and each day I mark a day off and can not believe how quickly the weeks pass. You will do great and we are all here to support each other. Good luck for your first weigh in.

Nutty x

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