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Ode to The Shakes.

Chocolate oh Chocolate you are the best!
Chocolate oh Chocolate i love you more than the rest.
But Chocolate OH Chocolate you really make me grumpy...
You never mix properly, you're always bloody lumpy!!!!!

Strawberry oh Strawberry without you I'm a wreck!
Strawberry oh Strawberry you taste like READY BREK!
But Strawberry oh Strawberry you just don't have the kick...
So if i drink you any more, i think i may be sick.

Vanilla oh Vanilla... How i love your taste.
Vanilla oh Vanilla... With you there's never waste.
But Vanilla oh Vanilla you go down far too fast.
I really need to take my time and make my vanilla last!

Banana oh Banana, me and you once had issues...
Banana oh Banana, now we share our tissues!
But Banana oh Banana, why can't you be more tasty?
Alas i still have chocolate, perhaps i'm being too hasty?

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Gold Member
Very good :-D

However chocolate sucks ass ;-) strawberry & banana rule!!! lol
ahahaha that's brilliant and soooo true about the choc one, why is it still always lumpy no matter how much you mix it :confused:
And the vanilla one is the best, I could live on just those quite happily.
The chocolate one drives me mad. I really fancied one the other day so made it up. Shook it around so my arms resembled Arnie and began to drink it and got this MASSIVE lump of powder in my mouth. I swear i nearly barfed hahahaha!


Doing it exante style :)
Ames my darling, I think you need help! Professional help ;)

Your sooooo funny. You always brighten up my day xxxx
Hahaha only you Ames, only you! Yay for choc and vanilla booooooooooo for strawberry and banana!! X

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