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% of carbs/protein question



Do a little dance!
According to my food logging site its as below.

Percent Calories From: Carbohydrate (55%) Protein (15%) Fat (30%) Alcohol (0%)
hmmm... is that what you are eating - or what a 'normal' person should be eating ie after LL? (not suggesting you are not a normal person lol!)
daisy x
Sorry Daisy

I don't do technical and counting. I just work out what seems right for me on a
sensible suck it and see (literally!) basis.
I figure that's how it is for "normal" people and I don't want it to become the whole focus of my day.
BL will be back tomorrow, she's good at this stuff! Or ask your LLC, they'll probably know.
Good luck. You are doing great. I haven't had much time to post lately. My garden takes most of any spare time in the summer, but I often have a quick look on here before bed.


Do a little dance!
I am counting/monitering atm although am soon going to cancel my membership and just be normal with it! But for now its helping me see what I'm doing right or wrong!

I tend to have far too much protein and not enough fat. I've been getting my carbs almost spot on this trigger week, which I'm happy with.


...we're sinking deeper.
Personally I don't look at the % - no one realistically can do this for the rest of their lives... Just eat naturally, try to avoid excessive processed food, and excessive sugar. Listen to your body, and have a varied diet.
i wasn't planning on becoming obsessed by it! - just curious as it logs it on the food focus website
very happy as i have just found a lemon bar lurking at the bottom of my handbag - i thought id run out of bars!
daisy x

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