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Off on Saturday.....


has started again!!
Well, my much talked about & hugely anticipated holiday starts on Saturday, and for the first time in ages I have been dreaming about food again. I am beginning to stress over it big time.

I made the decision to have 3 packs and one meal a day, and I still believe that is the right one for me, however, its almost as if my subconscious is telling me no! As I have said before, a holiday is a rare treat for us, unless you count last year with a week spent in torrential rain at a camp site near Alton Towers! We camp often, and normally its fun but that just was bloomin' awful! So this year, we thought we'd go for it a book a holiday in the sun!!

I know that if I tell myself its LL or nothing, my rebellious child will really kick up, and chances are she will win, I will become really crabby and I will return much much heavier, decide I am a failure and give up. (I know myself so very well, we've been together for 43 years after all LOL) After listening to all your differing advice on holiday eating, and talking to others in my own group, and ofcourse my LLC, this plan has been decided on.

I have asked my family to be very supportive, not in the "You look great now" kind of way, but in the help & guidance over food kind of way. You know, the odd suggestion that a bottle of cold water would be much more refreshing than a sugary ice cream, that kind of thing! They have said they will, so fingers crossed.

I am hoping to book a pop-in on the Monday after I return, and as we come back on a Saturday, that will be the day I start SS-ing again. Hopefully by my official WI, the next Thursday, I will have rid myself of any holiday weight...

The only planned deviation from this is the lure of a real paella. I am going to have this at least once whilst we are away, as it is an absolute treat for me, and a must whilst in Spain! So, to summarise, one paella, a little alcohol, lots of protein and salad, minimal (if any) bread, and loads of water and swimming, swimming and more swimming!

I have it all planned, in an adult fashion. I should be ok with it all...


Please help....sob sob....
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Hi, I have to say that whenever I've been on holiday abroad I've come home lighter (when not dieting). I put it down to all the swimming and walking and not having a car! So if you only have one meal a day and your packs and stay more active than usual you might be pleasently surprised. And if the worst comes to the worst and you gain a little you know one week of packs and it'll be gone! Enjoy your holiday.:)

Just Do It

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Hi Sez,
I can totally understand the stress. I know what I am like planning to do this and that on holiday and never sticking to it.

There is a difference this time for you however, you have come so far and have learnt such a lot. I don't want to sound awful here, but you have strayed from the program already....... BUT you have come back from that and got back on it. So you know already that if you deviate you bounce back.

So there is no difference with the holiday, except this time you will be in a limited place, no fridge, plenty to keep you busy, sun (hopefully). And a much better frame of mind. You will be feeling so great after slipping into the seat on the plane, having smaller summer clothes etc.

And you have your plan, you want to stick to it. The worst that can happen is that you have a gain and have to stay on the packs for a bit longer when you get back. You have shown the strength of character to know you can do that. So don't stress, just enjoy it.

Go and flaunt it on the beach.

This plan is definitely do-able.

A shake at breakfast is easy and then a bar at lunch with a dinner (or the opposite way around) and then one more soup or shake as a snack when you need it.

Try to keep up the water (with the temperatures in the continent the way they have been - this should be no problem!) and you should come back with only a temporary glycogen gain if any at all.

Have a great time!!


has started again!!
Thanks all, mellowing a bit now!! Just loads to do as my sis is house & cat sitting for us when we are away, and much as I love her she is a very nosy woman. I am hiding away lots of my personal stuff,banks statements etc, jewellery and so on, as I know she will go looking.... Sad, isnt it?

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