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off swimming....

Im well scared!!! :eek::eek: got my cossy on and i look ok apart from my legs its like a control costume so it hides a bit of flab which i guess is making my legs look even bigger!

Atleast going to the pool shows i am doing something and i have my OH there so i probably will be fine once in the pool!

I have got my induction at the gym on Wednesday where they will work out a program to suit me whilst on this diet so i will be a bit of a gym bunny from now on lol
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Well done Kelly, hope it goes well/went well. Very brave... I used to love swimming bit when I was really big I was so shy of the pool. Think I will get back into it now, my fave sort of exercise, but sadly the pool is 3/4 hr drive away!!! Grrr. Your attitude is inspiring - know I have to bite the bullet and get exercising now... maybe this week is a good time to start. Have fun!



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Hi kellybeeb,
I was thinking of starting swimming again, as it's now free for 60 and over. OMG that makes me feel so old but I don't think of myself as old it's just when I see it in black and white :D
I'm just waiting for my partner to finish work, i think swimming has alays been something ihave enjoyed once i get over the inital fear that some one is going to say something or getting looks, but its a a gym so surly there will be more than 1 big person there?

And Mooncat your only as old as you feel which doesnt work so well for me i feel about 30 but only just turning 21 lol!
Hi Kelly. well done for getting into the water....
Last year I was swimming 20 lengths 3 times a weeka nd will be starting again as soon as the kids go back to school.... I am also going to give aquarobics a go,... have never done that before, but in for a penny in for a pound...
In our area we get reduced rates for locals so going to take advantage.

I dont know how much i did but got in there at 5.40 got out at 6.40 the most embarrasing thing didnt even happen in the pool, i couldnt get though the turnstyles cos i was swipping my card the wrong way lol!!!

I feel tired but feel better for doing it, im going to take up classes boxercise and on of the pool ones i think.

I just had my last shake and drinking water like nobodies business!!

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Well done! :) Swimming for me was a nightmare - a real hard one to overcome.. I did so at 17st and was relieved to see I wasn't the biggest in the pool!

I'm sure that you weren't the biggest either, and am really pleased the most embarrasing thing was the entry system! ;)


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hi hun its horrid getting in the pool,i dint go swimming for 20 years in this country as i was too ashamed but........shave your legs and any fuzzy bits haha and it is so fab i go all the time now 8 seconds from the rooms to the pool you can do it babe.....it only gets embarressing when a bloke starts giving you the eye haha!!
Well done for braving it! I used to go every week day and swim 50 lengths, i used to love it and really feel the difference. You have really made me think about starting again! Thank you x


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I'm thinking of starting again, went looking at a gym on Saturday, nice pool ect its £40 per month is this average or expensive, I looked at another gym that was £30 but the pool was tiny. I don't want to go tothe local pool, too many kids from school there
hi.. swimming is a nice exercise.. just don't abuse it.. ok?! Do other exercises first before you go swimming, but rest for a little while..

You can do it dear! :)
Yeah well i have been doing a fair few lengths trying not to over do it and make myself ill.

Trisha mine is £50 a month, with a big pool 2 whirpool baths a suana steam room and every piece of equipment has a telly on it lol, so 40 is good.

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