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off to LA


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Heya all, hope everyone is doing ok=) I'm off to LA on Sunday for 10 days and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to stick to the programme when i'm out there, i know i'm going to be taken out for meals and want to try all different bad things for me so i know to be careful with that, but just wondered if anyone had any advice? thanks lots:thankyou:xxx
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it's meant to be really healthy over there :) Slimming World website has some useful tips on for holidaymakers e.g. USA, France, Italy and Greece if you have a little snoop on there :) hope you have a lovely time! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Don't go to In n Out burger, no matter how much you want to, because you won't want to eat anywhere else the whole time you're there... :p


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thank you all lovelys:) i will go have a look on the website too thanks for that tip angelbecki=D
Also avoid Cheesecake factory. It is impossible to stick to plan in that place lol. I did eat there though :p

and salads can be deceiving they are not as low fat as you think, with the dressings etc they add to them over there.

I went to Chicago a few weeks back for a long weekend and decided to just come off plan, what I did was just have coffee for breakfast, some fruit or plain salad (no dressing) for lunch and then just had what I wanted for dinner (didnt have any desserts). The damage was 2lbs on, which I can live on.

Perhaps set yourself a similar task, as you want to have some level of enjoyment on holiday and not have to worry too much.
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I second the salad thing! Loads and loads of fatty dressings in America.

I'd suggest having 2 free meals a day and then have what you want for your other meal. When I went to LA I ended up going out for a massive breakfast and then wasn't hungry the rest of the day, so maybe do that and get yourself some fruit to snack on and then have a really light meal in the evening. You can also try making some of your orders lower fat, ask for no butter if possible and hold on the oil. Maybe order a burger and don't eat the bun, or order a pizza and ask for no cheese on it, share a pudding with someone, that kind of thing. Oh and they're massive portions so when you're full try to stop. I know from personal experience that it's very hard though!

When ordering meals with veg, check there's no butter. I've been warned by a lot of American friends that butter can end up all over your veg.

I know exactly what you mean about wanting to try all the food, so I definitely think you should do that. Just space it out and plan things that you want to try. Maybe save any snacks and bring home 1 or 2 packs of something you want to try that you can add as syns when you're back on plan.

Most importantly of all, have fun! Any gains can be lost when you come back, just go and have lots of fun :)


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We went to California at Easter and I agree with the other suggestions. All the fruit & veg is in season and wonderfully ripe - you'll be able to get massive bowls of fruit salad for breakie. Salads and pasta dishes for other meals if you're being good. While we were there (3 weeks in total) I think I only had chips with a meal about 3 times in total. It should be quite simple to skip them and ask for veggies instead, but remember to ask for the dressing on the side and if in doubt ask! The servers over there all live on their tips so most are more than happy to accomodate if you have any special requirements. And if in doubt tell them you're allergic to butter or whatever else to get them to keep it out of your food :D
Hope you have a fantastic time!!


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I have the best advise availible...........I'll go instead so you dont have to be tempted to have all that yummy suff!! How nice am I :D:D
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Don't go to In n Out burger, no matter how much you want to, because you won't want to eat anywhere else the whole time you're there... :p
OMG In n Out! I'm going in September & I can't wait to have In N Out! DIVINE!!!

Anyway OP, have a great time - Los Angeles people are obsessed with their looks etc so there's plenty of healthy options if you look for them!

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