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I'm thinking of putting this on my facebook - What do you think? How could I improve it?

Because I know you care (otherwise you'd not be a fb friend)
and because you're not a mind-reader..

Thank you to the various people who have complimented me on weight loss recently. It's early days, and it's a difficult subject for me.
You're not a mind reader (and we all want different types of support at different times), so I thought you might like some clarity.

- These are the best ways to support me at the moment:
- I'm wanting this to be REALLY low key.
- I actually prefer not talking about it at all, but especially not in front of T.
- I'm doing this in a way that works for me, with support in place that works for me. I'm happy with what I'm doing. It's safe and it's healthy.
- I'm conscious that any comments I've had from friends have been entirely thoughtful, supportive and well intended. Thank you.
- I'd just like everything to be normal, please. No need to feel awkward or comment (eg if I bring food with me, or politely turn down a biscuit etc)
- Just ask yourself if it's what you would have said to me at any other time, and that might work as a guide.

- Please let's just talk about something more interesting :)


What do you think??
I'm guessing you've had some friends with farm related issues lately? I.e., foot in mouth syndrome?

If I read that on a friends page , I'd think it more than polite and do as they requested, but having said that, you're always going to get one person who takes offence so I would prepare yourself for that also.

Hope you're ok x