Off topic - but you should see Michael's hand luggage!!!!


I STILL mean it!
We are (hoping) to go to Italy on Sunday, and Michael thinks he's all ready. You should just see his hand luggage - full of his electrical "toys" + his lap top, etc. Well as things are, he can't take it can he? Goodness knows what he'll do - his case is full already. (I stopped sharing a case with him years ago, he's not a disciplined packer like me!)
OOps! Yes, a bit tricky given today's news!

I've had my mum on the phone from Bangladesh - panicking about her flight over here next Thursday.

The ones I feel sorry for are the poor parents with kids!!! As a seasoned lone traveller with 3 little companions, I can't imagine having to fly with no sweeties, colouring books, crayons, leapsters etc to distract them. It's going to be hell for the other passengers too, when the kids get bored and fractious!

BUT - at the end of the day - it's a potential life or death situation and therefore, so be it!

Glad I'm not flying this year, tho!
I don;'t mind about the security. The only thing that will not be nice for us is that we have to get up and be at the airport for 4.45 a.m. where we most probably will be kept waiting for hours. Never mind, nothing can get me down about it, it's the first flight in YEARS that I've not been in a severe anxiety state about the seat belt issue, and the dreaded "asking for an extender" - which was usually bright orange in colour. I feel really sad just thinking about it, and so empathise with anyone still feeling like that. I shall have the tray down in front of me on the plane this time - just because I can!!!!!!
How alike Michael & Steve are in that dept!! When we went to New Zealand, we had more electrical hardware and cameras than the BBC outside broadcasting unit!!

Admittedly, it was the holiday of a lifetime and I guess Steve wanted to record it in every format available. How sad then, that of the 600+ photos we took, I am in only 3 of them (not 300 ... singular '3'). And of the three I'm in, I hate them all.

Oh well, we'll just have to go back one day and take hundreds more - only this time I'll be jumping in front of the camera at every given opportunity!! :D

You must be getting really excited now Ann: I'd LOVE to go to Italy one day.
I just wanted to say well done, I cant wait to be in that situation, the only reason I am nervous of flying is coz of asking the seat belt extension. Must be a huge achievment. Well done!
The tray down all the way and not resting on my belly is a whole other dream, just waiting to come true!

Angela, that's one of the greatest boosts to losing weight I've had so far - feeling comfortable in an airline seat and being able to pull the tray down .. with room to spare!

If there's ever an incentive to keep going on this daft diet, that one has to be one of the better ones - and you get to go on holiday too! Yippee!! :D

We have a friend of my husband's staying with us for a few days due to the airport situation at the moment. He was due to fly back home to Sweden this afternoon but his flight from Stansted was cancelled this morning and he can't now get back until Wednesday evening.

I'm sure he and hubby will be making the most of being together (they're old school friends) which will mean loads of alcohol and food being consumed in our house. Eeek!! :eek: Here's hoping I can hold out until Wednesday ... :rolleyes:
Hi Ann
Me n Hubby went to Sorrento to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and me losing weight - the highlight of the holiday was sitting in that plane seat with room down either side of the seats - fastening the seat belt and pulling it tight and putting the tray down - I still look forward to flying as this is the biggest reminder how well i have done in losing 6 stone!
Enjoy your Italy shopping trip!