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Off topic, but need some advice re suspicious behaviour..


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Hi everyone!

This is really off topic but everyone always gives good advice so thought it's worth a shot! And sorry if it's really long!!!!!

There's been a bit of (what I would call) suspicious behaviour around the apartments we live in over the past few weeks. We live in a 2 bed ground floor flat in a small apartment block which looks out on to a bit of grass then the small-ish car park. There's another block across the other side of the car park. We have lived here a year and it's been absolutely fine until recently. The apartments are quite new, and are at the start of a pretty new build estate with a railway track running next to it. The area isn't too bad, and the estate has always been fine (there's some high rise council flats over the other side of the train tracks but never had any trouble apart from seeing some dodgy drunkards wandering about).

About 3 months ago, the first house next to our apartments came up for sale for 160 grand. It was empty for a while then suddenly people moved in (they just appeared I never actually saw them move in haha.) I didn't actually connect the two up until a couple of weeks ago, but the man who lives upstairs mentioned it - within the past 2ish months, we have had nails deliberately put in to our car tyre, the bloke upstairs has had the wing mirror ripped off of his 30k car (cost 600 quid to replace!!) and three cars, including ours, were broken in to one night. He thinks this family, because they really obviously do not work for a living, have been relocated here by the council.

Also over the past few weeks, there's been different youngish chavvy (sorry don't like to generalise but there's no other word I can use) looking lads walking through our car park, and round the side of our flat to the back and then they disappear. There is no way this is a shortcut of any sorts, as it goes round to a patch of grass the round the other side to the street and it's about 10 minutes quicker to just walk down the road. They sometimes look through our window when walking past if we have the blind slightly open. They don't stand and stare through though, I've only noticed them looking when walking past. Also some have gone round on bikes and parked them round the back?? Bloke upstairs thought they were going round and jumping over the fence to the house next door where the new people have moved in but I'm not quick enough to run to the bedroom and jump over the bed to look where they have gone! I don't understand why they would do this though as it's definitely not quick at all to go this way.

Today some lads ive never seen before walked from round the back and I looked out the window. I went in to the kitchen and they were stood outside staring at me for a while and kept looking up at the top flat. They then wandered off across the car park (sort of eyeing up cars as they went) and went round the far side of the other apartment block and hopped over the fence on to the main road. I then saw them come back out of the corner of my eye and they somehow got in to our block, ran upstairs, banged on the door on the top floor, then came down knocked on our door and left. I've never seen who lives in the top flat but the guy upstairs said it's a lad who is quiet and seems to keep himself to himself. I don't know how they got in here as the door on our side is locked, but the other front door doesn't lock properly so maybe that's how. Man upstairs said when he was driving in the car park just after they came out of our block, he saw them looking in the window of the other ground floor flat.

My OH thinks the house next door may be dealing, as these people walking round this back way and probably hopping over their fence is very weird, and he looked out yesterday and they were smoking from a bong (when the kids were also running about in the garden next to them!!). Man upstairs said he hasn't seen them doing that as his flat doesn't look out the same way ours does, but he's definitely really suspicious too.

Am I over reacting or does this sound dodgy to you? No problems since they moved in and now everything seems a bit weird.

I'm quite frightened as we live on the ground floor. Also there's an old woman who lives in the third ground floor flat which concerns me. Luckily, my OH is almost always in, as he's looking for a job after just finishing uni (and he can handle himself being a 6ft 4, 16 stone ex rugby player haha!). I feel really uneasy now after those lads got in the block today. We really want to move anyway as we want a house with a garden but we are stuck here until OH gets a job.

Is there anything I can do about this or am I being silly?? Sorry this is a massive long rant!!!!
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Report your suspicions to the police so they have make a note of it and possibly monitor the house?

We once had a police camera in our front bedroom as they were watching the house across from us!


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I could call the non emergency police number but I dont know what to say to them!!
Phone them and just tell them youre concerned about things, and want to flag it up to them. To be honest youre probably better going into a station a lot can get 'lost' over the phone, jot it down and give them the details, theyll create an intel log and it may be theyre already aware of the people. If they use any cars, log those details too, it could tie in with goings on elsewhere


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Thanks starlight. Not sure where my local station is but ill have a look :)


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I would report it too, especially as you feel very uncomfortable with them around. This business of looking through windows and banging on doors is totally out of order.

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