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Off Topic - Can any play the Piano???


I'm guessing if your reading this you can play the piano.

I am wanting to have this song as my wedding march:love047:, the video fo the song is the first link he second link is someone playing it pretty well, i cant sem to find any free sheet music for it.

I was hoping that someone could play this for me and record it? I would be very very gratful :worthy:



YouTube - Incubus - I wish you were here

YouTube - wish you were here- incubus (piano cover)
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Going for Goal!
i can have a go - i play the piano and I know of the song. I'll ask my Mum who is a music teacher whether she can help find the music - otherwise I wont be able to play it! I'll let you know...
Thank you very much!! I am still looking for some sheet music so if i find any i will post it up!


Slimming down the aisle
I also might be able to as long as I can get the sheet music. When is your wedding?
Its September so got plenty of time


Gone fishing
I'm a piano teacher and could play it, and even record it at the studio :D, but I think you are going to have a problem without suitable sheet music.

It took this girl 3 years to work out a piano arrangement of it.

Most of the sheet music will be suitable for piano and vocals, which means the piano part may or may not have the tune and could be unrecognisable.

If emmapetty's Mum doesn't have much luck, and if you can find a piano only arrangement I'll do it, but otherwise it'll be a huge job. Well..unless my son goes "oh right, yeah I'll work it out and play it" like he does :D

Well i found that and its got a option so the computer plays the notes and it sounds about right you've got to download the viewer but its free.

If any of you can look at it i would be very very very very gratful it would make my wedding day!!


Slimming down the aisle
I agree with KD, it's not an easy song to do. But I think it is doable though, but it'll take a fair bit of time and practice.


Gone fishing
I agree with KD, it's not an easy song to do. But I think it is doable though, but it'll take a fair bit of time and practice.
Certainly doable. The first page has the interest and certainly playable. The 2nd onwards page will be much easier to play but would need something extra to make it sound as good as the girl playing it on youtube as it's very basic. There again, it could sound just fine :)

Not wishing to be negative here, but recording from a acoustic piano can be tricky. Does depend on your setup so you could be fine. Would be worth playing a bit and recording to mp3 to check it's okay before learning the whole piece...just in case.

I'm bowing out of this one...there ya go Caroline...got yourself a job:D


Slimming down the aisle
Hmm thanks KD! Before I go into learning it I'm going to have a thinking about the recording, like you said. I could maybe use my friends set up to record it, but I'll have to see! If anyone feels more able to do it, please feel free to take it from me!!

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