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Off Topic....


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I just wanted a little self indulgent thread to make me feel a bit better mainly, but also cos I'm real proud of myself :)

I took a Level 1 Numeracy exam just after Easter and for those of you that didn't see it on Facebook... I PASSED! :D :D :D

I'm so so so so pleased as I didn't think I had done well in it at all.

Now, to some, it's piss easy exam but I did so **** in my Maths at school - got an F I think :eek: that I wanted to improve my understanding, and also, just make me feel better about myself and Maths too. So in Jan this year I started going to a Maths class in the evening, egged on by my bezzie as she attends it too. The Teacher said to me before Easter Break that she was putting me in for the exam and I bricked it! I'd only been doing the class for a few weeks and didn't think I had made much progress :eek: But I did it anyway and passed!

I'm now working towards Level 2 certificate....

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Congratulations hun, that's fantastic news - you should be really proud of yourself!
One of my friends passed hers last night and she is over the moon as well! You're both brainboxes x x :D


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Oh really?! That's brilliant!

I'm so excited... I've not done something for me like this before, so i'm over the moon! :D
wow brilliant!!! you should be mega proud that you have done this for yourself and achiecved what you thought was not possible xxx


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brilliant news :D well done you x


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Fankyoooooooou! *smug smiley* xx
Congratulations and well done mets love.


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Thanks Jim. Big achievment for me :)


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Oh well done babes. I take my hat off to you, its very hard to get back into studying if you havent done any for a while. As i well know. I signed up to a book keeping course in Dec as an xmas present to myself and no matter how many times i pick it up it just doesnt go it. Its an expensive read at £1400.


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Thanks hun :)

I know what you mean, I'd love to study Criminology but I cant go to Uni due to work and finacial commitments. So I look at OU but it's SO expensive and I just know I won't have the motivation to do it at home. I have to have the discipline and attending a class is the only way I can do the Maths.

Although it's hard dragging my ass there after a full days work sometimes.... luckily, my mate motivates me and we do have fun as well. (We get glared at for giggling lots... like being back at school! :D)


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Defo! It's brilliant to have support.

Although, saying that, sometimes we're as bad as each other and even consider doing a runner when we get there! :D LOL! We always stick it out though as what's the point? We don't HAVE to be there, but then we're only letting ourselves down.

And actually, I do quite enjoy it. Problem solving :)


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Congratulations Mets, thats awesome, good on you for mustering the courage to do the course in the first place! - you'll have that level 2 before you know it! x


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Aww thanks darling :) I hope to have it done and dusted by November xx

xx Cathy xx

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Well done Mets hun bet you're chuffed to bits xx


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Thanks babes, I certainly am :D Still grinning loads!! :D
well done you. thats great. how long was the course? i have been thinking of doing a few courses but money is stopping me atm and also need my son to learn to sleep through the night so my head is in the right place! :D


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I'm still doing the course hun. I've got my level two paper to do yet. And it's free! :) I'm not doing a full GSCE, just an equivilent which you get to do for nowt.

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