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Off with it!!!

So yesterday was a productive day.
1). I bought a weighing scales (Vital for weight lose and pushing me i think)
2). I decided to go to Spinning (bike exercise) for the first time.

Spinning was very hard, but beneficial. I felt dead after it, my face was sooo red and i really felt the pain! But like hey say no pain no gain. I however went with a friend who had gone before so we went to the advanced session (which we didnt no) instead of the beginner session. Next time (yes there will actually be a next time lol) wednesday actually, i think il be more able for it! Started jogging down my road last week too, did two evenings jogging, and two evenings tag rugby. So this exercise thing isnt getting away from me this time. I just have to keep it up.
Going jogging again today.
Weighed myself this morning and was happy to see 6lbs gone, its a great motivator in my opinion!

However, im going to be thrown out of my routine next week, because i have to attend a gaeltacht (irish school) for 3 weeks for college, i have to stay down there for the whole 3 weeks and wont be in the comfort of my own home. I think i have to just do the best with the situation and try and get out jogging or what ever. Its a very isolated area and i will be sharing the house with 5 other girls. So im not sure what to expect really....
Good luck with the weight loss. I am sure it will be off you in no time. Good luck with the jogging whilst your away. x
Thanks RhiBennet!!

Just back from a 30minute jog and walk, got this really good programme from a website, seems to be a very thought out programme for beginners (like me). I got it from a website called cool runnings. its a couch to 5k programme for beginners and well i felt it working there. it is set out week by week and apparently after just 9 weeks your supposed to be able to run for 5k! so well lets hope so :)
I have been isolated for the past 4 weeks in the west of ireland. As im becoming a teacher I had to attend an irish language course, and there was no internet access!! I felt lost out there...
Awwww poor you. Glad you're back and got internet again. I'm going on hols for two weeks later and won't have internet which will kill me as i am sooo addicted lol.

Sorry missed your previous post. The running plan sounds good. I must go look that up to see if it's something i could follow. How is it going? x
A nice holiday could be what you need :) but i have to say not having net was hard.
The running is going really well, i am hoping to run for a straight 20 minutes today :) which i am excited about!!! i never would have thought i could, as i could never run for long periods of time.
The plan i use is the couch to 5 k plan (Cool Running | The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan) print off the plan and stick to it. all it takes is 3 half hour sessions a week. so its not time consuming!! and let me tell you it works. Im currently on the last day of week 5, and its getting tough to tell you the truth but when you finish your run and think about what you just did, its terrific!!
I also purchased the c25k (couch to 5k) app for my android and i will tell you, i honestly would not have been able to do it without it, it pushes you to do more than you think you are capable of. I keep running til i hear the man say "walk", and i do not stop until i hear it. It pushes you to go on!!
I am losing weight everyday on it, not much some days, but a loss is a loss...
I would recommend that if you do it, stick to it, make sure you do the 3 days every week, or you will fall behind and its harder to catch up! i fell behind when i was away for those three weeks, so i lost a week, (the weather was terrible, thunder, lightening, alot of rain, and i was in the middle of nowhere with no gyms etc.) but if you can, keep to the plan!!

Good luck, keep me posted as to how you get on :)
So i havnt been on the internet much over past week. The running is going very well, i can now run for a straight 25 minutes, i cant believe it myself! Every time i do it, im like wow, didnt think i would do that today :) so i run about 4-5 times a week now. Next week im bringing it up to 28 minutes run..... Mini marathon here i come :) The weight is coming off as quickly as i thought tho considering how much im running. Im not eating junk either, except maybe a treat once a week. I have cut down on my calorie intake as well, so not sure what im doing wrong??? Any advice???

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