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officially a football widow..

First game of the season apperently. OH got him self in the 'mood' by playing footy of ps3, his other love since he got home.. and now as part of my 'gift' for passing.. i get to watch him...watch football. Woo. good times! -Not!

Anyone else already feeling the strain? and its only bloody half time.. iv got a whole season of this LOL *climbing the walls in my mind as we speak LOL*
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Ive been a football widow for 3 years :p
LOl.. techinically im only a football widow whilst the seasons on.. then once its over and hes all hyped out i get him back for a bit! always seems to come round again so quick! LOL mind you when im not a footy widow, im a ps3 widow! x
Lucky you, hes all year.

He even finds games from other countries on the computer to watch, THAT HE DOESNT EVEN SUPPORT!!
thats the thing about men, there doesnt even have to be a game on.. they can just find football whenever they fancy it. Wish i could do that with desperate housewives etc. would make my jobless days much more entertaining!

Miss Q

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Fern and others - totally with you! I don't mind - infact evn look forward to - England games but I wasn't brought up to support a team and didnt 'feel it', so this time of year plus the next 9 months will be ....whats the word.....ah yes! TORTUROUS!

My lad is one of those that likes to watch any game on telly aswell, he doesnt even support a particular team, who just likes FOOTBALL


SATC re-runs are on the back burner i think :(
I'm in the football widows' club too!
My OH will even watch games where the commentary is in a language he doesn't understand!
He was so excited yesterday that it was the first game of the season - my heart sank!!!!!
Despite (or because of?) living in Manchester, my OH detests football and would never sit through a match. On the other hand, he can happily play on his Xbox 360 for hours at a time.

Let's face it, men just want an excuse not to listen to us.
I've got to be a lucky one here! My partner doesn't like football and doesn't support a team. the only time w will watch it is together when England are playing and that is more for the atmosphere and fitting in hehe.

The other thing he does is play World Of Warcraft on the pc alot, but I'm not widowed to it because I play it too!


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OH watches his beloved Celtic (and any other Scottish team!) on the internet, leaving me to put subtitles on what I'm watching so I can tell what everyones saying. Yes the commentary is often in Arabic! I must get him some headphones so I can get some peace!
I have been a football widow for 5 years now! We get married next year and we couldn't plan the date until the fixtures were released!!!

I have now learnt to use it to my advantage... When something is on the tv I want to watch and he doesn't I start to list the football matches that I have recently watched!

He is a big Arsenal fan so when he watches Arsenal I can understand and actually when he watches other premiere games I can cope (or go out/send him to watch it else where) but why he wants to watch teams he has never heard of is beyond me!!

It is a good job we love them!
Im a motorsports widow - especially moto gp, but its only really alternative weekends, that I can cope with, but him and his bloomin xbox360 live - now dont get me started on that! x


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Im so glad i dont have a fella, but my eldest omg he is terrible, its football not just man city but anything he can watch, i wouldnt mind he got his own sky upstairs but oh no cos i have massive tv he said better in hd, and while football been off ive had the cricket omg how boring is that, and if none its blooming sky sports news arrrrggghhhh, if not that its cartoon network so i cant win, so im a tv less widow lolol


Cute, but psycho!
I've got to be a lucky one here! My partner doesn't like football and doesn't support a team. the only time w will watch it is together when England are playing and that is more for the atmosphere and fitting in hehe
Yep, I'm the same.
My OH doesn't like football (or anything other sports really) and the only time we'll watch it is when it's the World Cup or similar.
Saying that, I'm more into footie than he is and will watch MY home team if they're on the telly (which is very rare lol)
The (football) boot (eeeeh I'm a comedy genius me .....lol) is on the other foot in our house. Although my hubby loves football and will watch ANY game that's on tv and even attend the odd game ...... I'm the one with a season ticket for my team!!

Our season starts next week - that's the premiership darrrhling hahahahaha (I'm only being cocky cos we've only just won promotion this season)! lol

Can't wait!!

Although I must say, I'm home alone today as he's gone to watch his team on some corporate do so its an all day-er and he's staying over ......ahhhh nice bottle of vino and some girlie programmes tonight methinks!!

J x
My OH is just the same...
Football training Wednesdays, Football match Saturdays
TV: football (premier, coca-cola cup, 1st division, 2nd division, any flipping obscure type there is!!!), cricket (ashes), tennis (wimbledon), racing (grand prix), golf (the open), Olympics, snooker!!!, etc etc

.... and his response? "Don't you know how important this sporting event is?"
All year round some sports fixture is on to dominate the downstairs tv!!!


Starting Again!
I quite like football :eek: I used to like the days when I'd go to the pub on a Saturday afternoon, sit with a beer and a ciggy, wasting my money on the fruit machines and cheering at the goals. Ah the old days.

However now, I don't care and as "one of those gays you hear so much about" I don't have to deal with being a footie widow, hurray!

Natt xxx


is getting better at it
its the opposite in our house oh not really bothered about football but i love it and watch it all the time (aprt from the foreign teams), am now going to work friday day times so i dont have to on saturday so i can watch the footie on tv.
other half loves his fishing tho

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