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Oh-Amy - 3lb off, woop!

So, back to the SW way of life from tomorrow! I'm actually looking forward to it a lot, I've also realised that it did help to have a diary on here to reflect back on good and bad days so here I am again.

I'm intending on recording food/exercise/the way I'm feeling in here so I hope that's alright.

For this week at least, I'm only going to do green or red days, extra easy always made me feel uneasy due to being so... easy! :p

I'm off to bed shortly as working an early shift tomorrow but I'll be here to ramble to let you know how all I got on. :eek::D
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I survived today, woop woop! It's actually been suprisingly good.

Monday 5th October

B: Weetabix x 2 (HexB), 250ml milk (HexA), 1 tsp of sugar (1), banana and a mullerlight.

L: Tomato pasta mugshot, packet of french fries (4), apple, mullerlight.

Sn: Apple.

T: Massive jacket potato, baked beans & 42g reduced fat cheese (HexA) and a piece of cold chicken breast (HexB), big bowl of salad.

Still to have:
Cup of tea w/ 2 sugars - 2 syns
Curlywurly - 6 syns
Splash of milk - 2 syns

Total syns: 14 syns

I don't know if I've ever been this 100% and honest with myself but I feel good for it and am planning what I'm going to eat tomorrow now, as I think half the time, it's lack of planning that gets me into situations where I eat crap! :eek:
Tuesday 6th October
Extra Easy ;)

B: 2 x weetabix (Hex B), 250ml milk (Hex A), 1 tsp sugar (1), banana, mullerlight

L: mugshot, french fries (4), apple, mullerlight, mini chomp (2.5)

Sn: 1/4 breast of chicken

T: pasta w/ bacon, mushroom & cheese (6), pineapple

Total syns:
6 - Hex A reduced fat cheese
2.5 - Mini chomp
4 - Packet of french fries
1 - 1 tsp of sugar

I'm having a really rubbishy day, lots of silly little things getting on top of me! :( But at least food's gone okay, I think?!
Just had an hour at the gym, woop, :D feeling positive & motivated!

Working 2pm-11pm so I'll post my food diary after work... Hope you're all feeling great! :)
Wednesday 7th October

B: 2 x weetabix (hexb) with 250ml milk (hexa), 1 tsp sugar(1), banana

Sn: bowl of pineapple

L: pasta n sauce (hex a), mullerlight, chomp (2.5)

Sn: bag of walkers baked

T: quorn sausages & pasta in a tomato sauce, apple, mullerlight

Post work sn: cheese on toast. (6 syns & hex b)

Total syns:
1 - 1 tsp sugar
5.5 - crisps
2.5 - chomp
6 - cheese

= 15 syns! Just on the mark. ;)

It's been an okay day, I'm really pleased I went to the gym and work wasn't too bad this evening so that's helped my general mood, day off tomorrow so that's good as this = lazy morning in bed me thinks. :D
Thursday 8th October
Extra Easy

B: 2 alpen light bars (hexb) with a cup of tea (hex to be used in tea/coffee throughout day) & 2 tsp sugar.

Sn: Bowl of fresh pineapple, mullerlight & banana

L: Big bowl of pasta and tomato sauce w/ grilled chicken breast & 1 slice of garlic bread at Harvester

D: 2 homemade burgers w/ bacon, & cheese (6 syns), SW chips and a huge amount of salad! :O

2 tsps of sugar - 2
To cover oil/garlic bread at Harvester - 7
Cheese - 6

Total: 15 syns

Bit of a... strange day but at least syns are counted for etc. I've not eaten my dinner yet, it's currently cooking and smells lush! :D

Thanks Weemo, it's really nice to see an old face around - not an old face literally of course! ;)x
I've just had another cup of tea w/ 2 sugars BUT my cheese with my burgers was about 1/4 of a hexa. So meh!

I forgot to say, spent another hour at the gym today. I'm really loving my current programme, it kills me whilst I'm there but makes me ache in a good way IYSWIM?! :)
Friday 9th October

B: 2 alpen light (hex b), cup of tea w/ 2 sugars (2)

Post gym sn: banana

L: jacket potato w/ beans & cheese (hex a), bowl of salad, chomp (5)

T: 2 quorn sausages, mugshot, bag of walkers baked (5.5),
mullerlight, apple.

Sn: Slice of pizza :( (BUT... I didn't have my second HexA or HexB so I'm hoping this sort of redeems it a bit?)

2 tsp sugar - 2
Teeny bit of milk - 2
Chomp bar - 5
Bag of crisps - 5.5
Slice of pizza - ? Please advise

Total syns:
14.5 + slice of pizza.

Apart from the pizza, a really good day tbh. I've now find I like quorn sausages quite a lot when cold which I never imagined I'd be saying. ;)

Also another hour at the gym today, I've started to notice some of my skin on my tummy appears to look slightly saggy - bit worried about it tbh but all I can do now is continue going to the gym, moisturising well and hope that when I reach target, the NHS wants to pay for a tummy tuck?! :p:eek:
Saturday 10th October
Extra Easy

B: 2 x weetabix (hexb) & milk (hexa), 1 tsp sugar (1), banana

Sn: Coffee w/ 2 sugar & teeny bit of milk, (2) clementine

L: Mugshot, bag of baked walkers (5.5), mullerlight, apple.

T: Nandos: Single chicken breast in a pita bread w/ small spicy rice.

Pre-back sn: Clementine & mullerlight.

3 tsp sugar - 3
Baked walkers - 5.5
Pitta - 7
Oil in rice - 3

Total: 18 syns. :rolleyes:

Oh dear, I feel as if I regret going 3 syns over tbh, but I had a lovely evening with a friend, I didn't have a chip and it's not going to make me or break me. I'll just try a little harder tomorrow. :)

No gym today, which makes me feel a bit sluggish... Maybe Monday I'll be able to fit an hour in before work.

Hope you're all doing well. :D:p
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Sunday 11th October
Extra Easy

B: Baked beans on 2 x Nimble (hexb)

Sn @ work: 2 pieces of best of both bread w/ flora :( (9 syns! without flora! Call it 11 syns all in) & clementine

L: Bowl of pasta with homemade free sauce & cheese (hexa), apple, mullerlight, mini chomp (2.5)

Sn: Bag of baked walkers (5.5) & clementine

T: Roast pork w/ free roast potatoes, loads of different veg & 2 tb spoon of Bisto (syns please?)

2 x toast & flora - 11
Walkers baked - 5.5
Mini chomp - 2.5
Bisto - 2?

Total syns: 21 :cry::eek:

:( Over synned again, bah! When will I learn? I'll be lucky for any sort of loss this week, oh well, atleast I'm counting the syns and trying to learn from it.

I'm not going to beat myself up over it, it's happened, I'll just carry on, and hope for some sort of loss tomorrow, even half a pound off would be good. :)
3lb off, I'm really pleased. :) As much as I had a bit of a crap day yesterday, the rest of the week wasn't *too* awful and I'm feeling motivated for another week. Woop. :D
Monday 12th October
Extra Easy

B: 2 weetabix (hexb), 250ml milk (hexa), 1 tsp sugar (1) banana
L: Lunch at Harvester: Bowl of pasta w/ chicken breast & two bits of garlic bread (8 syns)
Sn: Cup of tea w/ 2 sugars & splidge of milk (3)
T: Mugshot, mullerlight, apple, mini chomp (2.5)
Sn: Few slices of home cooked roast pork

2.5 - Mini chomp
3 - Milk & sugar
8 - Harvester @ lunchtime
1 - 1 x tsp sugar

Total syns: 14.5 :):eek:

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