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Oh bugger! ketosis Q??


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Hmm, I think I am out of ketosis :( .. woke up this morning with a bit of a muzzy head and a very hungry belly.. left it and had a huge cuppa as normal but then I got the empty sick grumbles and still got the weird head.. just Peed on a stick and not showing anything grrrr!! Typical! Did pick a couple of naughties yesterday, had a thin slither of birthday cake and a couple of mini eggs as I was in London without shakes stupidly... then I got home after being on the motorway in horrible heat with 3 moody kids - was starving so I downed a shake and then had a few slices of turkey... water instake was terrible too sadly and i could kick myself for being so unprepared! I only drank 2 cups of tea yesterday grrr....

I know I need to get back in to etosis (pretty sure i am out purely going by how I feel even tho I have eten worse and stilll stayed in..) but what happens now?? Will I load fluid and have a weight-increase due to being out? or is it a case of hanging in there and putting up with feelng rough until I am back on the ball???

On a plus what a beautiful day out there today!!! Planning on spending the whole day in the garden with my book and the kids!!! :)

thanks for any info :)
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Firstly do not base any judgement regarding ketosis on peeing on a stick, they are sooo innacurate! Don't worry, even if you're out of Ketosis you will still lose weight in a low calorie diet.

If you think you're out, all you can do is jump right back into taking shakes only. If you're only taking the shakes and nothing more you'll be fine... try not to cheat!! :)


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This post helped me as im still getting my head round the ketosis, but think after my cheat weekend im not there yet as i felt rubbish this morning with a banging headache! Oh and can i borrow your sunshine please because its looking very dark and gloomy here now :(


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Don't worry and don't panic! The amount of people i've seen that get hung about a little cheat is unreal. Ok, I cheated - too many times and have only once got into ketosis since January, but pick yourself up, slap a smile on your face and say 'ooops' and forget about it. (then remember how crap you feel right now and remind yourself never to cheat again - it works for plenty not me though :( )

irish molly

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Learn from this episode Hunni. If you don't like the flapjacks then get a few be yu or exante bars. Always keep one in your bag for days like yesterday. Planning is very important to keep us on track whilst on TFR.
Get back on the straight and narrow. Forget about yesterday, today is a new day.

Cham Pers

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I knocked myself for 3 days, was starving and it was hell but did it and thankfully back in ketosis now and feel comfy again. You gotta put urself thro the hunger again Donna for a few days. As we both know cheating is bad! :)


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Donna... STOP EATING!!!! look if you look at what you had in the grand scheme of things it's absolutely nothing! Remember a bad day of the 'old you'.... for me that would be biscuits all day with my coffee.... big sambo with mayo for lunch... crisps... crap....if its a weekend, chinese take-away... etc.. so compare that to your little few bits and cmon... it's nothing..... you will still lose weight coz it's still very little for a day???? and it's hard when the kids are being annoyin... yesterday our little fella never stopped moaning.... god my head was melted..... so it is tough when all that's goin on...... a little blip forget it kiddo!!! x
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well done for jumping straight back on the horse today xx

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